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Friday, February 22, 2008

Dean Lanza's "Quicksilver" - Perfect in Every Way

The two photos above come from a 1971 Choppers related magazine!

Here's a great show photo of the Quicksilver from a 1967 Cycle Sport Magazine. (thanks to Rene of Australia for the photo)

Both photos above were taken from a mid 60s Modern Cycle magazine!

Nice show display picture from a 1964 Cycle Guide Mag!

Another display shot from a mid 60s Cycle Guide. The chick appears to be in a state of awe, but then again, so would I!


Jody Felix said...

More pictures of Dean Lanza's work. http://www.flickr.com/photos/93120471@N02/

Jody Felix said...

Link to more on Dean Lanza. http://www.flickr.com/photos/93120471@N02/

terri muller said...

I appreciate the information on this Quicksilver bike....as I am the owner of the frame. Motor was long gone before it came to me, but I assure you, from tank to rear fender, the entire framework is intact. Thank you...will assist in putting her back together.

terri muller said...

I appreciate the information on this Quicksilver motorcycle, as I am the owner of the frame. The motor, front end, tires, ect. were long gone before I came into it's possesion, but the frame, from tank to tip of rear fender and the entire bottonwork are fully intact...as the paint is. Nothing has been altered, and the specs I got from this article helped tremendously. Thanks!!!!

terri muller said...

I appreciate the info on this quicksilver bike, as I am the owner of the frame. From tank, to tip of rear fender, nothing has changed. The motor and front end were missing when it came in to my possesion...this article helped tremendously as far as info on specs. I knew nothing of this bike...but I always knew it was special.

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