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Monday, March 31, 2008

Victor Marks' Pre-unit Special

All I can say is that this bike is so very nice! (from early 60s Cycle World Magazine)

Beautiful finned timing cover and cool strutting fox decal on the rigid oilbag! Sweet combo!

The Iron Wigwam

Nice old shot of Ascot racer and trophy girl! Check out the Flanders risers!

These dudes definitely knew how to pick their fans!

This guy is more than going for it! Crazy Indian hillclimb shot! (all photos above are taken from the awesome Iron Wigwam site, ! Thanks Mason for the link!)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

1974 "Wild Wheels" Kids Book - Ed Radlauer

I don't know why this photo just screams Lucky to me? Maybe its the similar grin seen through the helmet, the fact both guys have late 60s Triumphs, or simply that I could picture Lucky trying a stunt like this!

I just can't get enough of old Speedway bikes as they just look so good!

Randy Smith's Perfect Harley WR

Just look at the skinny lines on this bike! Nice signature double tubed sissy bar for better support and fuctionality!

This bike sits perfectly with the 19"er up front and the 18" wheel in back!

Perfection! Gotta love that super rare Wico racing magneto!(photos taken from Big Bike and Custom Chopper Magazines from 1971)

WR tank perfection!

View from behind!

Test riding the Conjunction Junction Extreme Unction!

Friday, March 28, 2008

1968 "Custom Cars" Children's Book - Ed Radlauer

Cool 60s style coupe with a couple of bikes in the background!

This fiberglass bodied T looks amazing!

Weeks & Williams Preunit(s), One-in-the-Same???

William's Triumph shown in the 1966 Cycle World. Nice molding on tank and frame and that rainbow bench seat is amazing!

My does that pre-unit front end ever look good!

This bike looks to be a carbon copy of William's pre-unit, with changes so subtle as a paint job and some upsweep pipes! Even the seat is identical with the rainbow stitching. (from a 1967 Cycle Guide)

Weeks' Triumph in the 1968 Custom Cars kids book by Ed Radlauer. Are Williams' and Weeks' bikes one in the same, hmm, I think so!

Circa a late 1967 Motor Cycle World magazine is an altered version of this mystery bike, owned by Weeks and now called the "Enchanted Parrot." The Radlauer book one photo above, though published in 1968, must have used an earlier 1967 photo when the bike still had the rainbow seat. Actually, I think the newest version in Motor Cycle World has a different molded tank as well or at least it looks that way!!!????

Brass Beezer - A Beauty!

The "U" shaped flanders risers, the Eddie Martinez seat and p-pad work, and the louvers make this bike an instant winner! This has to be one of the nicest swingarm bikes I've ever seen! This great article comes courtesy of Rene all the way from Australia! Thank you Rene!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Things Never Change!

Then....A cop runs the numbers on an Outlaw club member's panhead! Nice hat worn by the old school Fuzz! (from a Jockey Journal post)

Now...Mark getting hassled by a modern day Cop at the Dave Mann bike show. Note cool police hat has been replaced by trendy wrap sunglasses! "I'm gonna have to run them numbers sir!" (from JJ post)

Kepaloa Drag Triumph Got the Coverage!

Kepaloa first appears in the 1967 Cycle Guide!

Nice show set-up in a 1967 Motorcycle World Magazine!

A primary detail cover shot in a 1968 Cycle World Magazine!

Inside the 1968 Cycle World at another show!

Color photos from a 1971 Motor Cycle World Special Choppers issue!

A primary side detail shot from the same Special Choppers issue. I'm digging that Avon 18" Drag Slick and the drilled brake, possibly BSA, laced to that 19" wheel and wrapped in a skinny Pirelli!

Finally, a last minute carb adjustment before the lights click down in a 1971 Big Bike magazine! By the way, the GP Amal carbs on this very bike were auctioned off on Ebay about 9 months ago by Kustomhut!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Show Vans / Bike Haulers

How's this plush set-up? I don't know whats better, the interior or the the outdoor display complete with taxadermied bobcat and boa constrictor! (from 70s Some Basics About Vans childrens' book)

The A-team and BA should have rolled in this hot set of wheels! Nice chopped top and molded fenders but wait, no mural, well look below!(from 70s Low Rider Mania kids book)

Okay, theres a wierd mural on the back with knight fighting half-man/half-bull creature? I don't think this scene would have been my first pick for a Show Van mural!

Salt Cycle Kids Book - Ed Radlauer from 1972

Nice sportster set up for speed trials racing!

This twin engine JAP has lots of show and I'm sure had plenty of go!

I'm not sure what type of cycle contraption this guy is riding but I dig the photo!

Bill Casas' 1954 Triumph Rigid Show Bike

What a rad bike? Check out that pinner seat and the Watson scallops on the tank and fender! That chromed pre-unit front end and brake set-up looks good on almost any custom bike out there! The frame also appears to be chromed with painted sections, how cool! (from 1961 Car Craft Mag)

Dick Mills' 1951 Harley Custom

Nice Autorama picture circa 1961. Check out that black and white wrap covering the cables and that monogramed sissy bar. This bike sits so well and the white seat and p-pad nicely offset the tangerine (though we see it as black) tank and fender! Those tall flanders risers look king as well!(from 1961 Car Craft Mag)

Same bike with very similar display from Winternationals circa 1961! (Car Craft)

The redo for '62! (from a 1962 Car Craft magazine)

1971 Mother's Choppers Catalog

Check out how inexpensive the rippled pipe sections were back in the day?

How cool is this knucklehead with upswept cocktail shakers?

Same great bike showing off the shotgun pipes!

Monday, March 24, 2008

1967 Schwinn Deluxe Speedster Bicycle - Customized

Here's a photo of the 1967 Schwinn Speedster custom I picked up on Saturday. It's basically a 26" bike with the same specs as a Manta Ray which has 24" wheels. Bars are Manta Ray, 3 speed Stik Shift is off a Stingray, and its set up for rear brake only. The stik wasn't working, missing a rear cable, so I got it going and it shifts decently; I'm still toying with it though. I added some glass jewels on the seat for reflectors.

Here's the Schwinn in its final version with the Sears Screamer 12" extended stem, Troxel banana seat, Schwinn sissy bar, black and white cable wrap and frame wrap, black and white grips, racing flag valve caps, rectangular mirror reflector up front, fluted glass jewel red tail rear reflectors, clear glass jewel reflectors on either side, and St. Christopher badge on the neck! Its a pretty cool bike to ride around provided there aren't many hills in the way!

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