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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Johnson or Scalora - Who Really Built the "Roman Holiday"?

The first two page article is from a 1967 Modern Cycle Magazine and the second is from a 1968 Ed Roth's Choppers Magazine (copy courtesy of Gabe Griffin). I think Johnson built the trike and then Scalora got it and fixed it up to his specs. For a color comparison of the two versions check this picture here and then type "Roman Holiday" in the search box for the second version at an old bike show! I don't imagine it was roadworthy with that Sulky wheel in the second version but man does it look amazing with the 2" x 28"er! I feel this is the crem-de-la-crem of all trikes!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chicago, IL Chop Shop!

First of all I'm no fan of the Swastika or its use for shock or any other value but this front end really intrigues me, mainly with the wave looking flames running up and down the rear leg. This is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill narrow springer. There's some very nice craftsmanship here!

All I can say about this ad is Wild & Crazy, from the extreme molding to the lazy-boy-esque king and queen seat with all the accoutrements! Both ads come from late 60s Cycle Guide Magazines!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roth SU Stacks???

It appears Ed Roth was more into casting than I thought! Next thing you know somebody will find an ad where he's selling his version of an Imperial finned primary cover! (Modern Cycle Magazine, late 60s)

M. Smith Does the Pogo!

I couldn't refuse this Malcolm Smith shot from a 1967 Modern Cycle Magazine! His facial expression is perfect! Smith, the master trials rider and desert racer is shown here doing what he did best! I'll have to admit that old K&N jacket is amazing too!

Le Skinny Cat Pan!

Here's one skinny cat with lots o' rake and extra length on its tail, the sissy bar! The sissy bar is so high you can't even see the top in any of the photos! K-model triple clamps on narrow glide legs, very cool as well as a mill rebuilt by Dean Lanza! Look at those sky-high foot controls as well as it appears the brake lever could be actuated with your knee!!!(Article comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle magazine!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1960s Bates Leather Jacket Options!

The padded racing jacket above is the epitome of what a custom Bates leather is all about with the alternating black and yellow diamonds. The jacket is owned by Pat & Mike Vintage and if you're ever out at the Rose Bowl Swapmeet you can see Mike's spot with some of the best motorcycle leathers around as well as high end t-shirts from the 50s and 60s. (Picture comes from Rin Tanaka's Motorcycle Jackets book)

Bates jacket customizing options during the late 60s. (Ad comes from Rin Tanaka's Motorcycle Jackets book as well!)

WR Racer Coolness!

This has to be one of the nicest Harley WR race bikes I've ever seen! Picture comes from Rin Tanaka's Motorcycle Jackets: A Century of Leather Design book, 2nd Edition!

1945 Twist-o-Matic Knuckle!

I think the fork is supposed to a VL and not a BL holmes but then again there could be a BL I-beam for all I know! (Article and photos from a 1968 Modern Cycle magazine!)

1967 Von Speedway Custom Sketch

Here's a pretty cool Von Dutch sketch of a custom motorcycle idea circa 1967. Its safe to say Dutch gets some inspiration from speedway machines! (Drawing comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle magazine!)

Ed Roth Finned Dishpans?

I'm guessing Randy Smith of Custom Cycle Engineering let Roth sell a few of his parts in the old Choppers Magazine issues. Either that or it was a collaboration of sorts??? (Ad comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle Magazine)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Original Wild One 1953 Movie Photos

This has got to be the best Wild One photo I've ever seen with Johnny on his 1950 t-bird flanked by two birds on Panheads!

Johnny and Kathy in the heat of the moment. What a great shot of Johnny's triumph in the background as well!

Johnny and Bridget on Willy's Matchless!

Before Columbia changed the film's name to the "Wild One" it was called "Hot Blood" and I'd love to find this original photo as it is the absolute best with Brando nose wheeling the '50 t-bird while gripping his gal with one arm!

Wild Angels in Espanol!

Here's a great original Wild Angels Spanish or Mexican photo with Prince on the drums and a nice panhead in the background with some nice looking girls!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cycle Delacatessen's 1954 Panhead Suprise!

This panhead is pretty wild but what boggles my mind is how silver vases have been welded to the pipes for a crazy effect! You might say the Cycle Deli is a PANaderia! (Article comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle Magazine)

To Serve Pan! Cooking up new ideas at the Cycle Delacatessen!

Wild One 1960 Reissue Movie Photos

An awesome shot of rebel bikes roaring through the small town is pictured first, Johnny and Kathy's sweetheart photo comes second (look at her face, she's head-over-heels!), Johnny and Kathy using body language in the third shot, and Johnny, Chino, and Kathy's Dad "the Cop" are arguing in the last picture! Photos are from Ebay!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robt Williams Drawn Roth Advertisement from 1968!

This ad's got a great selection of interesting items and the cool thing is that its a full page listing primarly devoted to motorcycle related goods!

Swingarm Pre-unit Wonder!

This pre-unit swing frame is a superb custom with plenty of molding (tank, frame, and fender), unique housing for the Pontiac GP headlight, and molded in slender tail lights. The motor looks great as well as the rippled pipes to square outlets. Heart shape scoop on top of tank is phenominal! Article comes from a late 60s Cycle Guide!

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