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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Black Angels Poster in High Definition!

I love the tag line on this film, "God forgives, but the Black Angels don't!"

Wild Angels Bikes

Here are some nice pictures of Fonda's panhead, Joint's Pan, as well as Dear John's / Henry of the Ironhorsemen's Knucklehead taken from: (A great side to look for bikes in movies I might add!)

Late 50s Bell 500-TX Helmet vs. Mid 60s Version!

I was pretty fascinated with the Bell 500-TX helmet so I did some more digging and with Tjebbe's help from ZZ-Chop I located this great helmet book! (Check out the original post if you're interested as well as for an advertisement showing the rare visor above):
Apparently Rin Tanaka's book entitled "The Motorcycle Helmet" dates this Bell 500-TX helmet to around 1957-1958, making it one of the earliest know examples. The marbled visor was made by Cragar and is evidently mega rare as well!

First Snell logo bears no serial numbers apparently!

This one is most likely a 1958-1959 version!

Early liner is supposedly all white!

Front waterslide decal looks the same on both late 50s models!

The later 50s example shown here with the serial numbers!

The 1965 version with the metallic silver Bell sticker up front!

Even the interior styrofoam colors change with the versions!

An up close and personal with the silver metallic mid-60s Bell logo!

Liner details from Yoshi's 1969 catalog. For the late 60s 500-TX examples see the earlier post! (all information shown here was taken from Rin Tanaka's great book, "The Motorcycle Helmet" 1930s - 1990s!

Mondo Bondo Shovel

Here's a cool raked out and heavily molded shovelhead submitted by Alex C. which nicely follows the previous post. (Article and photos from an early 1970s Choppers Magazine)

Monday, June 29, 2009

1960s Mondo Mod Poster!

Check out the cool POP art and custom cycles on this '60s teen movie poster!

Ed Thomas' '41 Knuckle Drag Bike

I'm not too keen on the Chevy powered bike at left but the knuckle on the right is pretty darn cool. I believe I have a better picture of this bike from an earlier post so when I find the link I'll add it here for quick reference! (photo comes from an early 1960s Rod & Custom Magazine)

Pre-unit Swingarm Mild Custom!

Here's a nice '58 Tiger 110 with some nice scalloping and custom two tone solo seat and pillion. Too bad it has the worst show name ever! (picture from the 1963 Cycle World Magazine show issue!)

1930 Indian Factory Hillclimber

This Indian hillclimber is an amazingly cool bike which was 1 of 4 built in 1930 according to the book American Motorcycle Classics!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gabe has Been Shanghaied!

It is official as Gabe's panhead is finished and he is currently in route to New York where he will embark on a six month voyage aboard the Bounty. Wish him luck and follow his swashbuckling adventures at:

Flawless Harley JD Racer!

Here's a great photo of a spectacular looking HD JD race bike from a Harley book called Dream Machine I picked up at the swapmeet this weekend!

Vintage Stanton Police Dept Photo

Thanks to Alex C. for submitting this great vintage photo of the Stanton PD with what appears to be panheads and servi-cars!

Friday, June 26, 2009

1958 Dragstrip Riot Movie Still - Attack of the Pre-units!

This has got to be one of my favorite early movie stills showing customized triumphs. I'm guessing the nacelled bike belongs to the guy who attacks with the pipe wrench as pictured in the movie poster below!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angels Die Hard Lobby Cards from 1970

I think the second rider back with the headband is Gary Littlejohn but I could be mistaken!

Theres a pretty cool looking panhead at center!

Littlejohn's "Cinderella Cart" must be somewhere way back there in the ranks but I can't see it!

Customs 4 the Show & Strip!

It looks like dual Linkerts and machined lucite pegs and shifter on this highly chromed panhead!

This overhead cam conversion pre-unit looks amazing down to the cool Everoak Racemaster looking helmet hanging over the bars!

Check out the wild paint on this little buggers tank and helmet. I can't tell if these are BSAs or Triumphs from the angle but appear to be unit dirt trackers! (all pictures from the same 1965 Motorcycle book as below!)

Old Racers & Miscellaneous!

Mark Anthony, this guy has your exact same speedway seat!

Slidin' the turns 30s style!

Those Flxi side cars look like a blast on the peashooter racers!

Injuns awaiting the boards!

Upside down smokescreen! Spyhunter in the early teens! (all photos from the 1965 Treasury of Motorcycles of the World book!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love Cycles Merchandise

I just received my Love Cycles t-shirt in the mail today and it fits like a glove and a few stickers were thrown in as well! Jeremiah has some really cool bird deflectors for sale he just had cast up, two styles and only making 20 of each, so contact him if interested or if you're looking the right person to build your custom knuckle, pan, or shovel at !

Wild Angels Posters in High Definition!

Click on these posters to see the crisp details! Its especially nice with the first and third ones because you can really scrutinze the bikes!

1959 AMA Trophies & Award Plaques!

Here's a pretty cool little catalog for trophies of all sizes used for AMA tours and contests from 1959!

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