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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Norm Grabowski's Pan with Side Hack!

Norm's panhead with side car is a pretty cool rig! From the smokestack pipes to the buggy side car this machine is a winner! (Article comes from a late 60s Modern Cycle Magazine!)

Here's a picture of the Covair beast from a 1966 Motorcycle Sport Book! Here's a link to an earlier post I just found with norm flexing his Corvair Trike:


Chris K said...

I'm shocked that I don't remember that rig. How could I have missed it? I have seen a picture of Norm riding possibly the same bike without the hack.

It's been awhile since I've seen something that cool! Thanks for posting it.

Stretch said...

You're most welcome! I know Norm had a very similar bike with a Corvette Engine but I've never been a fan of bikes with car engines so when I saw this article I was very intrigued!

Chris K said...

Your thinking of his Corvair (flat six), engine bike called the Six Pack. It's mentioned on the page you posted that talks about the color of the bike. It was actually quite different and pretty cool for a non m/c powered bike. It had a Indian girder. I prefer m/c powered too.

The bike I mentioned (of him riding), in my first comment was a Panhead. I downloaded it from somewhere but it is very small.

Stretch said...

Ah, ok Corvair. I have articles on that bike but just don't dig the car engine enough to post them.

epinut said...

There's actually a pic of it & the Corvair engined bike with Indian frame in a -66 issue of Cycle World.
Not a 1938 frame though, as it says in the text...

MUERTE H.C. said...

Then send me the article on the corvair Grabowski know I have a penchant for destroying Corvairs :) okay only one and I was 19 but still, they do fly and flip pretty nicely

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