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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give'em Enough Rocks, Rope, & Engraving! - Gabe's Mind-Altering Panhead!!!

Gabe is breaking free from all molds and going wild on his panhead. If you think its wacky now, hang on as there's more flare to come! For progress pictures and the sailor's story visit One Year Before the Mast!:


MUERTE H.C. said...

Must make sure there's 20 pieces of if he starts putting led's under the crystals I'm going to just stop working on bikes and pick up crocheting plant holders againr

jimmy the pick said...

thumbs up for me!

Stretch said...

Muerte H.C. - I am utterly miffed how anyone could rip or poke fun at Gabe's bike. The tank itself pays homage to an old Roth/Mann painting that nobody to my knowledge has dared recreate. Though I personally do not agree with some of the imagery detailed on the seat and engraved on the bike the work is amazing, mind-boggling. We haven't even seen the paint on the oil bag and fender yet and from what I've heard both will be wild. Even if I didn't know Gabe I'd be bold enough to say that this bike will, or at least should be, talked about for years to come. I really think Gabe, like John Edwards, has elevated the measuring stick for a genuine custom bike, one that is creatively and fluidly restyled and that can be considered a true rolling work of art!

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