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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selections from the "BECK" '61-'62 Catalog

The BECK logo in the early '60s!

I had no idea ANDERSON footpegs were being made this early. I thought they were just a late 60s or early 70s item. I guess this proves how much or how little I know!

The classic CMS kicker pedals being offered here in the rare WHITE and the impossible to find BLACK!

Here are those nice solid and swirly BECK grips which are so sought after today. They seem to be rarer than their CMS counterparts!

Hellings bars in various shapes and sizes!

Here's a great leather racing shirt thats extremely difficult to find these days!

MCM triumph domed rocker caps are very cool. They appear to be safety wired on or something similar which is not a bad idea as a set of four is bringing almost $500 these days. Craziness!

Those sleek pre-unit fork sliders are being offered for both standard and cub forks! Nice!

A couple of nice BECK rear tires to cover your show bike in!

I don't know the story on these barrels but I bet Paul at Show & Go does! They look pretty cool and appear to be for the t-bird hop-up by offering significant weight reduction!

The triumph custom shown here, possibly a trophy, takes the cake!


Show and Go Cycle Shop said...

Post on the Alfin cylinders today with a post to come on the Beck tires. Thanks for the link!

Stretch said...

Paul - Great post on the Alfin cylinders as I just read it on my lunch break! You're welcome on the link!

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