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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Late 50s Bell 500-TX Helmet vs. Mid 60s Version!

I was pretty fascinated with the Bell 500-TX helmet so I did some more digging and with Tjebbe's help from ZZ-Chop I located this great helmet book! (Check out the original post if you're interested as well as for an advertisement showing the rare visor above):
Apparently Rin Tanaka's book entitled "The Motorcycle Helmet" dates this Bell 500-TX helmet to around 1957-1958, making it one of the earliest know examples. The marbled visor was made by Cragar and is evidently mega rare as well!

First Snell logo bears no serial numbers apparently!

This one is most likely a 1958-1959 version!

Early liner is supposedly all white!

Front waterslide decal looks the same on both late 50s models!

The later 50s example shown here with the serial numbers!

The 1965 version with the metallic silver Bell sticker up front!

Even the interior styrofoam colors change with the versions!

An up close and personal with the silver metallic mid-60s Bell logo!

Liner details from Yoshi's 1969 catalog. For the late 60s 500-TX examples see the earlier post! (all information shown here was taken from Rin Tanaka's great book, "The Motorcycle Helmet" 1930s - 1990s!

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