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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back Down the Hill!

Here's an awesome shot from Lucky's late 60s CycleSport Magazine. That view down the hill is spectacular and the guy's Eastside MC of San Jose racing vest is simply awesome!

Allen of ARD Magnetos

If you're running an ARD magneto on your Triumph or other British bike this is guy who engineered and built it. I'm guessing this picture is from the early 60s but I could be wrong. Photo courtesy of Meatball!

At the Drags!

First of all, I'd like to thank Lucky for letting me snap a few shots from his old motorcycle magazines for this post and the ones directly above and below. (Oops, I think somebody forgot to switch the sign at the drags in the photo two above this text!)

Pep Boys Type Ripple Pipe in 1969???

I had no idea the Pep Boys / Mooneyes variety of ripple pipe existed in the late 1960s but these pictures from a 1969 CycleSport Magazine prove I was dead wrong. See photos of John Edward's "Space Kat" Panhead, Larry Howard's "Glittercycle", or Richard of Cal Custom's creations for what I consider to be the "real deal" early 60's ripple!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mini Cafe Harley Album Cover

Check out the cool little Harley Cafe Racer as well as the girl on this 1960s album cover! Pretty rad!

Monday, March 23, 2009

1965 Panhead California Road Trip Photos

Last picture is from a 1966 Modern Cycle magazine showing Eddie Haskell's bike with a little different look. You can see his bike in two of the 1965 photos above. Modern Cycle picture and Eddie Haskell identification come from John, the "Harpoon"!

I just found this picture on Ebay but the molded tank in the upper left-hand corner looks similar to the one on "Hank Espinosa's Panhead." Ad comes from the 1968 Motorcycle Sport Book!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lowrider Magazine - Issue #1

This one's for V & H Paredes, Drews Jr. & Sr., M.A. Rice, and Muerte H.C. If it don't lay, it ain't from LA fool!

Friday, March 20, 2009

In Love with "Love Cycles"

I am totally mesmerized by Love Cycles of Arizona. These guys are building period customs with all right touches and it appears they've done seven (7) or so insane bikes already. I've seen the Jason Jessee / Jason Phares styled knuckle "Love" built rolling around in Costa Mesa and it is a looker. Keep up the great work "LOVE" and check out an article on this same knuckle and their ad in the 25th Issue of DiCE Magazine. For more information on Love Cycles visit their blog: and enjoy the Stevie Wonder song!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1960s Simpson Drag Racing Jacket

I'm kind of mixing it up with the motorcycle photos a bit as I'm into old jackets and t-shirts, mainly motorcycle, but thought this jacket was worth of a post since Lucky's building a Gasser! Anyhow, I'd really like to date the jacket as I read Simpson started in 1959 making car parachutes and didn't commercially start selling safety equipment until 1968, yet this jacket seems pre-'68 to me. Also, the colors throw me off as I've mainly seen red and white as the Simpson staples. Anyhow, the chainstitching is really cool on this one; another lost art form that has gone down the tube.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1960s Bates Leather Jacket (Downturned collar)

"Slash" cut pockets used again. This styling isn't as desirable as as the two other styles below but I still like it nonetheless.

Western Cut back shown here again.

Talon zipper pulls on the "slash" pockets differ from the Conmar triangular pulls and are equally as cool.

1960s Bates Leather Racing Shirt (Non-Padded)

Here's a standard racing shirt from the 60s in a wild neon orange. Note the characteristic Bates "slash" pockets here as well. I've seen combos with either one or two slanted "slash" pockets and the single "slashers" are especially cool.

Again the Western Cut back!

1960s Bates tag with 42LL, the Stretch approved size, double long for the Frankenstein arms and for the long torso.

Seval zippers on the sleeve, another Bates used zipper, though Talons are the most common.

1960s Bates Leather Racing Shirt (Padded)

The first indication of a Bates jacket is the "slash" front pockets. Even without a tag, you can typically tell a Bates jacket by its characteristic "slash" breast pockets.

The western cut back is also a very good indication that you have a genuine Bates jacket. You can find Bates jackets without the western cut stitching but most of the jackets have this characteristic design. The two tone Harley colors and "Easy Rider" sleeve striping make this jacket extra rad, in addition to the padding. Scotty Stopnik of Cycle Zombies found this gem!

The Bates racing flag tag with Bates script is an indication that your jacket is from the 1960s. Earlier Bates tags have a motorcycle with the Bates logo (50s - early 60s I'm guessing) whereas early to mid 70s Bates tags have block letters and smaller racing flags. 44 indicates the chest size and the 'M' designates the length of the jacket, with 'M' denoting Medium.

Talon, Seval, and Conmar zippers are typically used on Bates jackets. Typically if you see a small Talon zipper you can nail the jacket as from the 60s or earlier. Later talons are longer and taper from small to large and are about twice as long as the pulls shown here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The V-Guns Rock Out!

Man, was I blown away by the V-gun's set last night at the Avalon. Turkey's surf punk band is super gnarley with blazing guitars, screaming vocals, thumpin' bass, and tight time keeping by the Turk himself. You won't want to miss these guys and I heard they were great at the Dice party too. Come one out to the Avalon for the V-Guns on March Mondays and you won't be disappointed. Who knows, as they might play some Van Halen too??? Barkeep Gabe will fill your glass and I'll be spinning the licorice pizza pies! (photo from Cycle Zombie's blogspot!)

Wild Triumph Rigid

Here's a nice Triumph rigid running a rare Dunlop Universal Trials tire up front and sporting what looks to be a chromed frame. (Photo from an early 60s Cycle World Magazine)

Triumph Mild Custom Circa 1953

Here's a nice Triumph, possibly a Tiger, as shown in a 1953 Motorcyclist Magazine. Those rare Superior upswept pipes give the bike a unique look as well as the rolled back front fender!

Bates Seats & Miscellaneous

All three advertisements shown here are from a 1968 Bates brochure. That red and white p-pad is very similar to an orange and white one that sold for mucho dinero on Ebay recently. Very cool stuff!

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