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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apostles - 1968

Gabe Griffin's '48 Hang'em High Panhead Biker Magazine Feb 2011 Cover

Gabe just sent over this cover photo of his new Biker Magazine feature which should be out on 12/14/10. The publication will be available at your local 7-Eleven.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dave Mann Inspired Knucklehead

This amazing knuckle, as inspired by a Dave Mann painting, comes from a Street Chopper article on the 2009 Dave Mann Chopperfest, as featured in the April 2010 issue!

Hobby - '68

Those handlebars are out-of-control!

1963 Pasadena Motorcycle Club Hare Scrambles Poster

1967 Biker Gathering Photos

1960's Rat Fink Halloween Costume

I saw this old Ed Roth "Rat Fink" costume up on Ebay and thought it was worthy of a post!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"A Quest to Building a Dream Bike" - H.K.G's Photo Documentary on Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement"

Half Moon Garage has an outstanding new post with several photos of Mark Drews' triumph show bike during the final stages of the build. These are unlike any of the other photos out there of the bike as they really show the steps Mark took to craft this masterpiece and the TLC involved with the entire process!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Local Hero - Japan

Check out The Local Hero for some awesome lowrider photos, including the chopped Chevy Master Deluxe above, as well as some great bike pics!

Elvis in Fender Bender - "Roustabout" 1964

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

Remembering the soldiers that put their lives on the line for American Freedom!

Joyrides Art Co's Photo Feature on Job Steven's Panhead!

For superb photos of one of my favorite panheads check out Joyrides' post and you won't be disappointed!

Bicycle Mishap

While riding the old '67 Schwinn last Saturday evening with Jackie on a dimly lit street my front wheel and fork became entangled with a downed tree branch and this was the unfortunate result!

Temporary fix using a pair of '70 Schwinn Super Sport road bike forks and the original '67 Schwinn S-6 front wheel! The only bummer about the road bike forks is they have a wierd deraked stance but I didn't want to spend any money and had these parts in storage. Now its back on the road again!

The Word on the Street About Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit

Below is a list of quick links to all the posts, comments, photos, and words on the street I've found about Mark Drews' newest creation, the "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit Triumph Show Bike. I will continue to add to this list as new information becomes available. (Note: The fantastic shot above comes from Half Moon Garage's page and I believe it is the best photo to date which captures the bike's perfect stance!)

ATR - "WOW" - 11/06/10
Born Loser - "Under Wraps..." - 11/10/10
Cycle Zombies - "Mark Drews is the Man..." - 11/09/10
DB Custom Leather - "Loaded" - 11/04/10
DiCE - "Peak Sneak" - 11/09/10
FMA - "Maniac Monday" - 11/03/10
FMA - "Solitary Confinement" - 11/11/10
Half Moon Garage - "Rock Yokohama" - 11/06/10
Half Moon Garage - "M.D." - 11/13/10
Half Moon Garage - "A Quest to Building a Dream Bike" - 11/14/10
Master Link Lees's Dojo - "Unbelievable Pre-unit..." - 11/05/10
Mooneyes - "Yokohama Hot Rod/Custom Show 12/05/10"
Mooneyes - "Mark Drews In Progress 2010 Yokohama Flyer"
Missing Links - "Wow" - 11/05/10
Show & Go - "Mark Drews Solitary Confinement..." - 12/09/10
Sparetime - "19th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod/Custom... - 12/05/10

Selections from SICK Magazine's Issue 51 - Circa 1967

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SOLD - 1960s Bates Easy Rider Type Cafe Leather Jacket - 44M

I have my 1960s Bates Cafe Racer leather jacket with Easy Rider styling up for sale to help pay some bills. This 44M jacket has a nice teal leather chest with rare white sleeves and racing stripe accented with red leather and killer red and aqua alternating stripes on the sleeves. Main zipper is a conmar as well as the slash pocket zippers and the lower hand pocket zippers. It is rare on a 60s Bates jacket to find both slash pocket zippers and lower zipper pockets as the lower pockets were an added option. All zippers work perfectly but one of the lower front zipper pockets is missing the conmar pull. Sleeve zippers are Talons and work great. Golden stain lining is in perfect condtion and Bates racing flag tag is in awesome shape, reading 44M. Measurements are: 22" from armpit to armpit, 18.5" from shoulder to shoulder, 24.5" from shoulder to sleeve cuff, and 28" from back of collar to waist hem. Overall jacket condition would be an 8 / 10. Leather is in great shape throughout and could use a little bit of leather cream. A bit of the teal leather coloring has transfered onto the white at the armpit area. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the jacket at

Monday, November 8, 2010

Street Low Magazine - Issue 59 (La Mission's '42 Chevy Fleetline)

I picked up a copy of Street Low Magazine on Saturday as it has a pretty cool five page photo spread/feature article on the 1942 Chevy Fleetline that was used in the movie, "La Mission," as well as a 41' Chevy Coupe that was also in the film.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mooneyes 2010 X-mas Show Teaser w/ Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit Show Bike!

Drews' above (picture from FMA) vs. Vern's below (circa 1968!) Both are truly amazing machines!

Mark Drews' pre-unit can be seen from 1:51-2:10 on the video. What an awesome bike featuring mini HD peashooter forks, micro spool hub, bicycle type rim and tire, teeny hand carved plastic/Lucite scooped faux tank cover with inner steel tank receptacle, dual 389/689 Amal Carbs, hand-made micro flask oil bag with orig. pre-unit fittings adapted, mini pleated seat, scooped wassell ribbed fender with expanded metal shields, and hand carved inner & outer Lucite primary cover and motor mounts to name a handful of things. Also, the simple colors, chrome, black, and clear flow nicely together; less is more! In my opinion, this skinny machine has "sweepstakes winner" written all over it and it both beats and surpasses any of the late 50's/early 60's pre-unit show bikes, including Larry Howard's Glittercycle. Also, you must check the "Manic Monday" post on FMA's Site (1st post) for Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit photos and FMA's 2nd post (also DBCUSTOMLEATHER!, Crusin' Mag, Cycle Zombies, Born Loser, and DiCE)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Rainbow Knuck - Angeles Salvages

My favorite of the knuckles in Wild Angels!

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