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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1942 Harley 80 Inch Flatty

Here's a nice early 60s Flathead custom with some super smooth frame molding and what appears to either be a sporty or a triumph front end. (from a pre '64 Car Craft magazine)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

California Triumph Customs from 1960

Both of these trumpets are cool but the first one takes the cake with pinner tank, oil bag, and seat! (from 1960 Cycle magazine)

Western 45

Here's a nice basic 45 with narrowed wideglide front end with modest rake and stock sheet metal. (from early 70s Chopper related magazine)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nice Paint Ad from 1966

Who says pre-unit swingarms can't be wild. Check out the scoops and hidden instrument panel. Great model as well! (from a 1966 Motorcycle related magazine)

1948 Triumph Tiger Drag Bike

I love these turned down bars which are essential for a nice and tucked position for dragging! (from a late 50s Cycle Magazine)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knucklehead of Insanity!

I was just emailed this photo from a pal in Australia. This picture is from Berdoo, CA in 1960! (Thanks Dave-E for the info!). Scooped peanut tank, incredibly high Flanders risers and bars and wild paint make this sucker a winner. (photo comes from )

Here's another shot of the knuckle all finished as sent over by Rene of Australia and as originally posted on Radball's blogsite!

Wow, here's the same handlebar set-up as shown on a 1960s customized pre-unit and as posted on the Church of Choppers blogsite! Very cool indeed!

Another great shot of the pre-unit from above from LIFE Magazine from Google Images online!

A Little Catalina Grand Prix History!

The Catalina Island Musuem, located in the 1929 Casino Building, had some great info on the Grand Prix, including this information sheet!

The pre-race crowd! Wow, what a gathering!

Here's a portion of the uphill course. As you can read, the GP race brought 7,000 spectators; insane!

What goes up must come down!

Fulton taking the corner. Notice the high pipes and sprung hub!

Taking the checkers!

Though this picture is unrelated its from the 50s and kind of fits; who know as she could have been a trophy girl too. Nice pin-up shot with girl holding flying fish from a Catalina store!

The trophy girls?

This is probably where you'd eat in Avalon during the 50s. Again its unrelated but I dig the swordfish sign and lettering!

Catalina GP Bike Show - Saturday 04/26/08

Event flyer posted on an eisle in Avalon.

Nice picture of Bud Ekins on the Catalina GP pictureboard displayed in the heart of downtown Avalon.

Walt Fulton took home the cake in 1951!

The original 1951 trophy was a nice compliment to the photo above! You can see Avalon Harbor in the background!

There were three lightweights on display but this 1954 Tiger Cub was the nicest as well as the oldest bike out in Avalon!

This replica of Bud Ekins' 1955 TR-5 was running one of Ekins' original rear tires, a rare Avon trials tire!

This 1955 Triumph Trophy definitely looked as if it could have been an original Catalina GP racer!

The owner and Catalina resident rode this beautiful 1957 AJS to the bike show!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catalina Grand Prix 50 Year Reunion Show

I was really looking forward to attending the bike show this weekend in Catalina as there were supposed to be 200 vintage race bikes, however only a mere 10 bikes will make it to the island. I'm going to go anyway with my Dad as we planned the trip but I'm disappointed. Don't worry though as I'll take photos of anything vintage race related but it seems like a waste of a trip now. Since I won't be back until Sunday evening, you can check for updates then. Have a great weekend! (I believe the photo at the bottom portion of this magazine cover shows an old Catalina race! I'm wrong of course and was told both photos are from Willow!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revell Grease 2 Panhead Model Kit

I think this is the same Revell Panhead model released in the 60s as the "Show Bike" kit but its been included here in this late 70s Grease 2 kit. (photo from Ebay)

Panhead - Sittin' Pretty

Here's a great Panhead with nicely molded frame and killer stance from a 1968 Gent magazine!

Panhead Custom from the Late 60s

I can't remember which magazine this shot came out of but this Panhead is nice and simple.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Routt Twin Engine Trumpet Drag Bike

This drag bike is set-up perfectly with awesome large bell trumpet tips and rare 20" front wheel. (from a 1962 Car Craft magazine)

California Plunger Knucklehead Custom for 1958

Pretty cool custom knucklehead though that plunger frame is a bit funky. How could this guy ditch the stock knuckle frame; he must have been smoking too much weed? (from 1958 Cycle Magazine)

Friday, April 18, 2008

A-1 Flanders Set-up!

What a rad picture of Harley racer Bill Miller and his WR. Check out the unique positioning on those flanders risers as most of the time people run them at the same 90 degree angle. Very cool trick that looks nifty with the bars! (picture from Ebay)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Outlaw Biker Gals!

How's this picture? Blonde with eyepatch posing on wild period 45 trike ridden by loco biker dude with pencil-thin stash! Nice. This still and the one below are from the 1968 cheeseball biker flick "the Hellcats" as can be seen on her jacket logo.

It seems all the girls are crowded around the panhead and not the triumph with cool script. Well, I think thats probably how it still is these days. The chicks dig the Harleys. (photo stills from Ebay auctions)

A Japanese Scotty?

Maybe its the moustache, the outfit or the similar cafe bike but this guy reminds me of Scotty! For more about Scotty, Turkey, and the gang check out their cool "Cycle Zombie" blogspot that has a plethora of custom bike photos, skate action shots, fixed gear bike build-ups, and much, much more! (Scotty imposter from Gabe's March '08 Japanese Street Bikers' Mag)

Its in the Details!

Nice panhead with chrome frame and what looks to be dual linkert carbs. Crazy setup!

What a nicely scooped and molded tank with chrome frame! It definitely pays to be unique so long as the look is fluid, with nice flowing lines. (both pictures from a 1961 Car Craft magazine)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Website!

This tank is beyond awesome! Old Gothic style stained glass Jesus painting on axed peanut tank, simply amazing. Check out and click on "PHOTO" for pages of cool custom bikes and riding shots!

I love this knuckle on Sparetime with the narrowed original tanks!

Here's another nice shot of Paradise Road's Rigid Show Triumph!

A very nice detailed shot of a pair of stock "narrow" WR Harley tanks!

"The Batticle" Show Pre-unit from 1961!

Man, this bike looks as if its ready to fly. It seems a bit overdone but still very cool for 1961!

Look at that pinner seat; very cool! (photos from 1961 Car Craft Magazines)

Here's a rad show photo of the same bike as posted by Flathead Jedd on the !

Wacky 1947 Knucklehead Custom!

Wow, this bike looks as if it has a 23" front wheel as its huge with a mx or trials knobby. Look at that fender with wave/flame cut-outs!!! Twisty sky high handlebars as well. This guy was nutty for sure! (from a 1963 Car Craft magazine)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

John Edward's Mindblowing Panhead!

I heard that John Edwards was about to unveil a 60s show bike so gnarly and so perfect that it would literally blow your mind. Well here it is, and though I've not seen it in person, these beautifully artistic photos, including about five other detailed shots, are available for your viewing pleasure on Mike Davis' blogsite . Please check out the photos as this bike is a true gem!

Edwards' pan is crazy, wild, and yet not overdone! The assortment of rare parts on this cycle is staggering and still everything flows together so nicely. Like in the old Gary Littlejohn article, I'd have to say this bike is also a true "Customizer's Custom."

Edwards' pan in its original glory from a Sinner's get-together a couple years back.(photo from Jockey Journal)

Bones Brigade

Nice pan/shovel by Bones out of Gabe's 1982 Supercycle Magazine!

That strutted swingarm frame is pretty good looking. I can't say I've seen too many strutted Harley customs but I dig this one!

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