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Thursday, April 10, 2008

1958 Royal Enfield Show Stopper!

A great early show photo capturing the highly chromed motor and airbrushed yellow to deep green paint job on the heavily molded frame and tank! (from the 1968 Cycle World Show issue)

The first version as shown here in a late 60s Cycle Guide magazine was most likely built for show only and not street. I don't believed those machined grips and bars have any throttle or cabling attached. I could be wrong though!

Those bars look like highly ornamental socket rachets! (from an early 70s Chopper related magazine)

This photo shows the only decent primary shot of the bike I've seen in its first version. There is a 1968 issue of Roth's Choppers magazine that features this bike on the cover and I'm curious to see what the article says but alas that magazine is very pricy on Ebay. By the way, that front wheel is most likely a Sulky or bicycle wheel as its super skinny-mini! (this photo comes from an early 70s Chopper related magazine)

I believe this front end was custom fabricated for this bike and then they were offered to the public. This Quincy front end has some neat ribs on the legs! (from an early 70s Chopper related magazine)

This is version 2 and I believe it was set up to ride! The tank appears to be totally smoothed out and the horizontally pleated solo seat seat looks killer with that diamond shaped extra long p-pad! (from Ed Radlauer's "Chopper Cycle" kids book)

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