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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early 60's Fresno Hells Angels Knuckle Photos!

The knuckle photos arrived in the mail today and I'm sure you'll agree they're pretty cool. With the tall apes, flanders risers, mustang tank, lee clutch pedal, this knuckle is very stylin'. If anybody knows history about these pictures feel free to share! That Fresno Triumph t-shirt is very rad as well! (I was also trying to date the photos based on the Kodak paper, which reads Kodak/Velox/Paper, all stacked above each other on the back. I read online that this type of paper was used from 1950 onward through at least the mid 60's so these photos have to fall within that time frame!)


missinglink said...

Someone told me the guy in these pictures is Doug `the Thug` Orr . Can anyone confirm this ?

epinut said...

Yes, these pics are very cool! Let's hope someone can fill in the blanks...

Unknown said...

No this is is not Doug "The Thug" Orr

AJones said...

The man in these pictures is David Jones. I know because I am his wife, although we are separated. He was known as "Slick" and "The Galloping Gourmet" because he did a lot of cooking for The Hells Angels. I recognize these pictures and would like to know who posted them? If you know please contact me, Angela Jones,

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