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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roach Posters!

Its too bad the picture I had to work with was only about 1-1/2" square so it didn't expand too well but you get an idea of how cool these posters must have been!

Life at the Strip!

Last minute adjustments on the pan!

Blown BSA!

Fillin' the sporty!

Pinnin' the trumpet! (all shots above from 1969 Cycle Mags)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Wild Angels Original Photos!

This seller on Ebay keeps listing all these rad Wild Angels shots so I'm trying to catalog the good ones for everybody. If you want to see the others previously posted just type in "wild angels" under the search box in the upper left hand corner!

Tony Nancy Solo Seat

I can't believe I didn't know who Tony Nancy was back when I saw the famous seahorse insignia on Scott Craig's "Skaliwag;" but the old Hot Rod magazines brought me up to speed on the late drag race legend and master uphulsterer. Anyway, when I was flipping through a Big Bike Magazine Gabe gave me (thanks Gabe) I saw the seat and had to post it! That seahorse logo inside the diamond and topped off with the crown is simply amazing!

Gliddin' Knuckle

I can't say I'm a big fan of the back half of this bike but I love the narrowed trees used on this wideglide as well as that axed tank! I think a name like the "Knuckle Sandwich" would have better suited that tank though! (from the same magazine as above)

Very A-Trike-tive 45

This 45 trike definitely looks the part, even with a small 18" x 2.75" front tire and the 10" U.S. Indy Mags with what almost looks like wrinkle wall cheater slicks. I even like the chair! (from a 1970 Bike Bike Magazine)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Details Details Details!!!

Very nicely molded peanut tank!

Rippled sectioned pipe to velocity stack flared tips!

Reversed head pre-unit with nicely flowing pipes!

I can't say I've ever seen an engraved Borrani! Pretty crazy stuff! (all shots come from an early 70s chopper related magazine article)

Colors Magazine

I've never seen any of these magazines but thought the Panhead on the cover of this issue looked pretty cool.

Here's a great shot of the other side of this very cool panhead as posted by Mike Davis on his blog: !

This Colors Magazine ad comes from a 1971 Choppers Magazine (large issue, not the small Roth owned version)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Randy Smith Was Amazing!

A 203 LB Harley? Wow, now that's quite a feat. I dig that "Knucklehead's Rule" t-shirt as well! So very cool. Randy Smith, bike builder extraordinaire and muscle man! (from

Mert Lawill at Cow Palace 1966

Check out these awesome shots of Mert from 1966. I am not familiar with the type of Harley he's using here but I like the leather jacket with business slacks and loafers combo, not to mention that Bell Helmet, Star maybe? (These great photos are currently on Ebay!)

Man, would I ever love to find one of these helmets as I'm sure seems more protective than the 3/4 helmets out there and still looks cool!

Crazy Ron Finch Pan

Check out the insane metalwork on this Ron Finch Panhead (thanks Rene for setting me straight about who built this bike). (photo is on the cover of a 1971 Supercycle Magazine)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Custom Knuckle

Here's a shot of a nice "No Frills" Knucklehead with what looks to be an 18 in front and obviously a 16 in the rear. That bird deflector with Harley waterslide decal is super cool! (photo from flickr)

1926 Harley Model A Peashooter Racer

With its 28" wheels front and rear this Harley single racer is the epitome of rolling perfection! (photo from flickr)

Mooneyes 17th Annual Custom Show Yokohama Japan

The Mooneyes Show in Japan is one of the biggest around, not only for custom cars but custom bikes as well. This year's show proves to be no less with a couple of my personal favorite bikes from Oakland to Santa Ana, CA. Check out the link at:

Nor Cal's Finest:

So Cal's Finest:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Undertakers - Night on the Town

How funny are these little Hondas? This great picture of the UK Beat group the Undertakers was submitted by Pete of Australia.

Little Chop With a Big Name

I'm sure this kid was the coolest little guy in town rolling around on this pint-sized Randy Smith styled Harley. (article from an early 70s Chopper related mag)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1960s T-Bird Mild Custom

I was just surfing the internet for pre-unit rigid pictures and came across this bike, a 1952 thunderbird mild custom done up in the mid to late 60s. Check out this old photo and info at the link:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pre-unit with a Supercharger!

How cool is this drag supercharged set-up on this pre-unit Triumph? (both this picture and the one below come from a 1970 Cycle Guide)

Twin Engine Yamaha Drag Bike

How cool would this be, a Saturday outing to the local drag strip with your family loaded into the Econoline Van with your dual motor Yamaha 1/4 mile machine? Too bad local dragstrips are a thing of the past!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gnarly Original Race Photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the above photos are from an insane book of old race photos that are unfortunately up to like $950 or so on Ebay but the guy luckily took these great detailed pictures for us guys who can't afford the thousand dollar album! Enjoy!

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