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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The "Wild Giraffe" - 1959 BSA Twist-o-Matic Custom!

This BSA as featured in a late 1960s Cycle Guide is bizarre, yet amazing. Those bars look so uncomfortable yet are very intriguing to the eye. There's a color shot of this bike from an earlier post and if you type in "Rebel Rousers" in the search box it should come up!

Max Schaaf Street Chopper Interview

I was just looking on the Street Chopper website to find out more about the 40th Anniversay issue when I came across this featured interview. I'm not sure how recent it is or if it corresponds to an exact printed issue with the same story but its pretty cool and has some nice photos (Check out the Roth original Oakland "Animal" poster in the background! Very neat!):

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Choppers Magazine #1 Ed Fuller's Pre-unit Alternate Cover???

I was looking through a couple of early 1968 Cycle Guides and came across this Ed Roth Choppers ad with a different cover shot of Ed Fuller and his Triumph. I'm not sure if this was a test cover that didn't make it but I love that bike and wish it were featured in another magazine as well as there are only a few shots in Roth's first issue (type in "Ed Fuller's Pre-unit" in the search box for to see the original 1967 Choppers Magazine article). On a side note, check out the listing on the giant wall posters above Greycat as they're going for $1.49 each. As you probably know, those posters are extremely difficult to find and sell in the $150 - $350 range depending on the person / cycle featured!

Rodney - The Artist

I was just checking my email and received this doctored up shot of the Triumph as modified by Rodney. Rodney definitely got me on this one (third degree BURN!) Pretty funny!!! :)

Street Chopper 40th Anniversary Bike Show & Party - 05/30/09

I had no idea this event was going on as I'm alway out-of-the loop on these gatherings but its got to be a worthy venture for the 40th Anniversay Issue. Lets see, there's J. Edwards, followed by Jose, then Drews, Danny to the left, M. Davis to the right, Harpoon at back left, and Grant at back middle. Nice line-up! Thanks to Street Chopper for emailing over this great cover shot!

The V-Guns @ Avalon Bar Sunday May 3rd!

Turkey's band is playing again and this time at the Avalon on Sunday. Come and check these guys out as they're a great surf-punk outfit! Who knows as the Turk may even show up on his new '48 Pan/Shovel! (According to Gabe the Black Lips are playing across the street at the Detroit Bar the same evening so you can catch both bands.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chrome Attack!--When Bikes Turn Chromosexual...

A little bit of chrome goes a long ways and this guy just plain milking it! His helmet isn't helping the cause either. Of course this is only my opinion. (photo from a late 60s Cycle Guide)

The Legend of Joe Alphabet & the Eighth Wonder of the World--the Irridescent!

I believe the second post on Nostalgia was on Joe Alphabet's insane panhead! This article however is a few years earlier, from a late 60s Cycle Guide. Can you imagine this bike tearing down the street with those high rippled smokestack pipes and that in-your-face sissybar? The stance is low and ruling as well on this gem! Paint by Dean Lanza, owner of the Quicksilver (search "Quicksilver" if you are unfamilar with Lanza's mindboggling show machine!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bob Ludvigson's "Scorpion" Panhead - A Mind Trip!

If you've followed earlier postings you might recognize this unmistakeable show stopper, type in "reach for the sky seat" in the search box, by its fantastic seat and its trailer alongside. The earlier version had a more mild seat with mohair underneath. Article is from a late 60s Cycle Guide and rumor has it this bike sold for $10,000 about a decade ago at the Long Beach Vets Stadium Motorcycle Swap!

1953 Photo from "the Wild One"

Here's a great lineup of bikes including Brando's t-bird leading off the gang. Photo from Ebay!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Harvey Mushman Rides Again!

Here's a great cover shot with Steve Mcqueen on his Husky tearing through the Mojave Desert!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knuckles from Early '80s "Boot Hill Digginz" Car Show @ Knotts Berry Farm

First we have a nice 1947 Knucklehead with some cool molding on the lower portion of the frame downtubes! The other knuckle in the black and white photo has quite a unique oil tank. See if you can identify it? Thanks to Dennis for letting me photograph out of the show program!

More '51 Triumph Progress Photos

Here are some pictures of the molded tank, near finished pipes, brake set-up, p-pad, and the Bates diamond footpegs as well one of me on the machine (snapped by Dennis). All current work is being done by John @ Banzai Machine so I deserve none of the credit--I'm just giving him the ideas!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fonda's Wild Angels Panhead Revisited

An up close and personal shot of Fonda's panhead to go along with an earlier post. Original photo from Ebay dating back to 1966!

*1939 Clothier* - WWII Era Garments - Made in U.S.A.

My friend's "1930's classic" clothing company has just become a reality. If you like these American-made garments and wish to show Victor support by passing on the word please have him link your M/C blog to the lifestyles page or email the website (still in its construction phase) to your friends! (garments only to be sold domestically at present time)
Thanks alot, Stretch!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ron Finch Frisco Pegs

The foot pegs are pretty cool and I remember seeing a set go on Ebay a couple of years back. Give your custom that Nor Cal mid-peg treatment!

Dig Customs from 1958!

From a 1958 Teen Magazine entitled "Dig" comes this wonderful Knucklehead custom. There isn't much useful text in the article but the stuff that counts reads as follows: "Bill has done virtually everything there is to be done to his 80" stroker. Every last piece has been chromed with the exception of the frame. He installed metalized cylinders, risers, and a K-R saddle. He's had the gas tank striped and flamed a green, white, and gold by Von Dutch. Bill has never taken the "bike" to the drags but its estimated the beautiful machine would crack the 90's." The foot pedal intrigues me as it looks like a Lee / Bates variety (actually a Speed-e-Shift, thanks Epinut for the ID) but the shape is throwing me off. Risers may be the rare Max-kicked-in Flanders variety as well. A neat custom by any measure!

Unfortunately no information was given on this pre-unit rigid custom but its very tidy and has a cool accessory kickstand with wide u-shaped Flanders risers. Dig on both these bikes won't you?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Routt Twin Engine Pre-unit Drag Bike

There should be an earlier post with a very similar article but this one shows a couple of different angles and is from a 1963 Rod & Custom Magazine! I especially like the drilled clutch plate and the mini tubular fuel tanks.

Seven Years and Finally Heading Down the Home Stretch - My 1951 Triumph 6T Rigid

I had originally planned on keeping this bike undercover until completion but since a few other guys are sharing what they have to offer, I think its only fair that I post some pictures of my project. I can't say that any one part on this bike is beyond rare but the original cast racing rear section that lengthens the cycle 3" and lowers it by 2" (note the straight line running down the top tube which generally kicks down at the original rigid section connection) was my one best find and sold to me by a nice guy on the Jockey Journal. Other notable parts include 4" original ripple pipe sections mated to aftermarket 6T pipes and Superior racing cones, and a 1960 Bonneville Head going to finned extension ports with 389 & 689 Amals. Rear fender has been radius cut, all motor mounts and brake pedal are race drilled, narrow HD springer is the same as on Vern's Triumph with reversed heads but aftermarket scissor ride control has been added, screw-in flanders risers, wassell tank with molding (pictures to come soon), bates show white with black diamond seat and white leather p-pad (to come), and tiger cub brake on 21" Borrani (see earlier post) to replace the spooled Borrani up front. Rear wheel is a WM-2 x 19 Dunlop with NOS Avon GP Tire. More pictures to come as bike progresses! (Thanks to John of Banzai Machine, Rodney Aguiar, Mark Drews, Gabe Griffin, Pokey Kennedy, Chris Wiggins, and Dr. John's for the nice fabrication work to date!)

Great Triumph Pre-unit Racer Photos

For a full run down on the story, pictures and more please check out Paul's posting under Blackie Bernal at:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Junior Drag Strip Champions!

No motorcycles here but anyone with kids or children on the way might appreciate this photo. Inspiration/drive starts at a young age! (from a late 50s Hot Rod Mag)

"Untouchable" 2 x 6 Piped Pre-unit Custom

How wild and crazy is this triumph street custom from 1963? That Avon Racing tire must have been a Speedmaster predecessor! The pipes are about as out-of-control as the casket maker's smile! (article from a early 60s Car Craft Magazine)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ed Roth Dealings

I've always been intrigued by the old Monster airbrushed t-shirts and the fact this one is screened on is super cool!

These two photos above through me off a bit as I had thought this car had always been called the Outlaw, unless it was the Excalibur and changed to the Outlaw for the Revell model kit. If anybody knows the real story please feel free to post the facts! (all pictures from the 1959 Griffith Borgenson Hot Rods Book)

Triumphs @ the Drags

Check out the three pre-units awaiting their turn at the 1/4 mile! (from a 1955 Hot Rod Magazine)

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