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Friday, April 10, 2009

Late '60s Outlaw Chopper Magazine / Book

I'm not sure how great the rest of this magazine / book is but there's a copy up on Ebay right now and thats where these pictures come from. Very nice cover art though and sized the same as the small Roth Choppers issues!


Irish Rich said...

Notice that the first bike is Tom and Rose McMullen? McMullen did that book.

The book mainly has pictures of Hangmen and their bikes. See, not many people know that McMullen was a Hangman.

Stretch said...

McMullen! Cool and thanks alot as I remember hearing something about that name but had no clue the author was a Hangman. Very interesting! Stretch

krazy kevin said...

McMullen later goes on to form A.E.E. Choppers & Street Choppers magazine. As far as the little books go there are 5 in total.
1-Outlaw Chopper
2-Front Ends construction & installation
3-Chopper frame work molding/sculpturing
4-Keeping the Harley Performing
5-The Electric Motorcycle

Irish Rich said...

I should have put the emphasis on that McMullen "was" a Hangman......

He was "asked" to leave.

Chico said...

thanks for telling everyone it's on ebay right now.
now i'll never win it!!!

circus leo said...

it's only $41 right now....

maybe this is a good alternative. a friend of mine has it i think it's pretty good

grant said...

I have one of these mags (got mine for 10 bucks...) It was supposed to be a taste test for what was going to be a full on magazine, that he was talked out of doing. I think the date was '66. I'm working finding more people that worked for/with Tom through out the years for the 40th anniversary of Street Chopper. I work for one and have found about 8 former AEE emplyees so far.

Stretch said...

Grant - Very very cool! Keep up the research!

AEE Choppers said...

Thats Tom and Rose all right. I worked at AEE. that bike he bought from Ed Roth, wrecked it and during the recovery he started AEE. Bike became the Mindbender, killer bike let me tell you.

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