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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Huffy Muscle Bikes Circa 1970

I thought these Huffy muscle bikes were pretty cool as pictured in a 1970 Spiegel catalog. I would be happy to see a kid riding any of these around verses one of a million fixed gear bikes on the road these days. On a second note the color "flaming red" on the Scorcher '70 sounds more than a little gay; nile green appears to be the ticket!

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CycleDelicCycles said...

I have an original (down to the tires) Nile Green 1966 "Rail" (earlier version of the "Dragster" you have pictured). They were much more radical than the Stingrays and Krates, very chopper-ish... sissybar is 48" tall, big slick and really raked out forks with really wide apes. They're pretty rare these days. Cool pics!

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