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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dig Customs from 1958!

From a 1958 Teen Magazine entitled "Dig" comes this wonderful Knucklehead custom. There isn't much useful text in the article but the stuff that counts reads as follows: "Bill has done virtually everything there is to be done to his 80" stroker. Every last piece has been chromed with the exception of the frame. He installed metalized cylinders, risers, and a K-R saddle. He's had the gas tank striped and flamed a green, white, and gold by Von Dutch. Bill has never taken the "bike" to the drags but its estimated the beautiful machine would crack the 90's." The foot pedal intrigues me as it looks like a Lee / Bates variety (actually a Speed-e-Shift, thanks Epinut for the ID) but the shape is throwing me off. Risers may be the rare Max-kicked-in Flanders variety as well. A neat custom by any measure!

Unfortunately no information was given on this pre-unit rigid custom but its very tidy and has a cool accessory kickstand with wide u-shaped Flanders risers. Dig on both these bikes won't you?


epinut said...

Yes, very sweet bikes both of them! The knuck has a "Speed-e-shift" shifter, raised transmission looks good too.

Stretch said...

Great eye! Now I see what you're talking about as the linkage is visible for the Speed-e-shift. Thanks Epinut!

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