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Saturday, April 25, 2009

More '51 Triumph Progress Photos

Here are some pictures of the molded tank, near finished pipes, brake set-up, p-pad, and the Bates diamond footpegs as well one of me on the machine (snapped by Dennis). All current work is being done by John @ Banzai Machine so I deserve none of the credit--I'm just giving him the ideas!


mindpill said...

wow, that`s gonna look pretty neat. can`t wait to see you on the road......

Stretch said...

Thank you. Hopefully the bike will be running and on the road by August 2009 but we'll see.

missinglink said...

I`m likin` the seat spring mounts.

Stretch said...

Missinglink - Those seat springs and mounts were the only way the seat would be functional. We tried the 7" springs but they were way too loose and the seat would have been slapping the fender like crazy. These springs are lowers off some custom type of Harley Springer and are narrower than the typical springer spring but are perfect for the application. The seat is pretty rigid but it feels pretty nice. Of course the real test is to see how it handles on the road but my thoughts are it should be fine. Plus I think the top mounted springs look a little bit cleaner than the stock mounts that go off the side. Thanks for your post!

Moped said...

Looker...very nice.

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