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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mel's Monster

These photos are for Kevin who was asking about Mel's Monster. I'll have to confirm with Lucky which month of CycleSport these pictures were in but the magazine was definitely from 1969 and the earlier post with the ripple pipe was from the same issue.


krazy kevin said...

Thanx's for the picture of Mel's bike. Alot of us learned alot about
motorcycling, wrenching & building
our own wayout machines. O'yea and as Mel always put it "Blowing Citizens Minds".

Unknown said...

Kevin here's a link to the very issue on Ebay and I just confirmed with the guy that Mel's Monster is lurking inside the pages:

krazy kevin said...

Ryan, April !st was a good day for me! I got a copy that day "buy it now" and am still the high bidder on this one, Thanx's for the info yet. Of course after I get one or both i'll find mine!! K.K.

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