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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Headturning Details!

Check out these wave-like modified CCE dish pans! It must have taken some painstaking effort to shape them uniformly!

Shark toothed Borrani? Keeping the wave pattern flowing around the whole must have been extremely tedious work? I bet this wheel was a pain to balance (you can see all the weights hanging from the spokes)!

Smokestack pipes to true flanged trumpet tips! I believe this bike was the main character's ride in the "Hard Ride"! These pipes are very similar to the ones on Jack Nicholson's 45 in "Rebel Rousers"!

Angel Unchained Poster from 1970

The caption should read the "Biggest Box Office Flop of the Year!"

World's Fastest Indian - 2005

Here's a cool poster from this great film I'm sure everyone has seen at least once!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rocket Skates???

I highly doubt this set-up was anything more than a prototype but the whole contraption looks like something Rodney could have dreamt up and built from scratch!

Funkshun Junkshun

I liked this door panel of Von Dutch's Econoline Van used during the days of his employment under the Brucker Bros. (Picture taken at last Fridays Petersen RM Auction)

More 2006 Brucker Auction Jems

From the days when Von Dutch was seen for his true skill as an artist!

Brother Rat Fink "Hooray..."

Blown hemi insanity!

Brotha Rat Fink's custom Harley is incredible!

For photos from the 2006 Auction check out this link:

Wild & Crazy Swedish Custom

Tomi of Sweden just sent over these crazy Japanese Chopper photos. The gas tanks remind me of those old 60s/70s glass grapes you can find at the antique swapmeets. Thanks Tomi!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dave Mann Originals @ The 2006 Brucker Collection Auction

I remember going to the auction preview a couple of days before these Mann Originals and other rare artifacts were auctioned off and I regret taking any pictures. I found these online today and they definitely bring back some memories. The prices seemed pretty fair for the historical significance of these paintings. Check out the link for more info on each lot:

What they sold for:
Lot 0319 - Tijuana Jailbreak (1967) - $11,500
Lot 0320 - Eulogy (1968) - $4,600
Lot 0321 - Roth Studio Catalog Cover (1967) - $9,775
Lot 0322 - Blackboard Cafe (Mislabeled as "New York Run") (1966) - $4,600
Lot 0323 - Hollywood Run (1966) - $6,325
Lot 0324 - Building a Bike (1967) - $3,450
Lot 0325 - Psychedelic Love Temple (1968) - $2,185
Lot 0326 - Soul Sister (1968) - $3,450
Lot 0327 - Mojave Desert Party (1968) - $3,450
Lot 0328 - Bakersfield (1968) - $6,325
Lot 0329 - Biker Rally (1966) - $2,185
Lot 0330 - Motorcycle Funeral (1966) - $3,220
Lot 0331 - Bike Wedding (1967) - $4,830
Lot 0332 - El Forestero New Year's Eve Party (Mislabeled as "Blackboard Cafe") (1966) - $4,025
Lot 0333 - Stopping Chicago Peace Marchers (1966)- $3,450
Lot 0334 - Taste of Honey (1968) - $4,600
Lot 0335 - Ride Together, Die Together (1966) - $2,875
Lot 0336 - Dade County (1967) - $3,450
Lot 0337 - Tecote Run (1966) - $5,175

Mr. Gasser & the Wierdos LP

Here's a glimpse of the coolest LP on display with the other Hot Rod Album covers at the Petersen Automotive Museum!

Space Age Show Car Interiors!

Road Agent

Mega Cycle




Damon is Mr. Meticulous. His sharp pre-unit has no detail overlooked from the stainless steel fasteners to the Circle City pipes and lowered, but still functional trumpet forks. Caption here would read, "Next stop, the Slater Slums!"

Wes' pre-unit screams attention-to-detail as well from Richard's Cal Modified ripple sections to frame-stayesque fabricated three stripe pipe straps, wild fender mounts and mind altering paint. I'm sure this bike will be a strong contender for next years Grand National Roadster Show. I'd like to be there myself but we'll see what happens!

Photos courtesy of Damon borrowed from Mike Davis' Born Loser Blog (see link above). Thank you sir!

Paint job appears to be variation of this crazy water droplet/scallop theme!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This cam cover aboard a generator shovel to be auctioned yesterday at the Petersen Automotive Musueum was given the full engraving treatment. A paint job is only temporary but the engraving will stay for years and years to come!

Safety First!

This is an awesome looking dragster with straight 6 photographed up at the Petersen last Friday but check out the last picture. Any rear end failure would prove disasterous to the driver!

Great T-shirt Mr. Dylan

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early 70s Von Sol Custom Paint T-shirt

Sometimes I wonder why I get up early on Saturdays to head out to the local swapmeet by 6:30 AM. Usually there is much to be found except for a few records but I was digging through a box and pulled out this gem. Unfortunately there are faint signatures, as the owner must have used it as a grade school signature t-shirt, but the Von Sol Custom Paint graphic is awesome. I honestly don't know who Von Sol is but I would date this as a pre-1974 t-shirt.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mega Cycle Teaser (Sold for $60,500, Seems Low)

These two pictures and the videos below are all I'm going to post on the Mega Cycle. Check Paul's Show & Go Blog for the rest of the pictures and write up next week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wild One Set to Robert Gordon's "Too Fast to Live" Tune

I can't remember where I saw this before but the Wild One clips set to Robert Gordon's tune flow really nicely. I can't say I listen to very much Rockabilly these days but I'm always up for a Robert Gordon record! (Should come up as HQ, high quality, but if not hit the button)

Fender & P-pad

Harpoon's paint and the white Bates p-pad were meant for each other. The pad isn't cinched down all the way but this gives you an idea. The pearl white side panels line up with the p-pad side lines almost perfectly with the black striping still being visible; very nicely done!

Subtle Hints

This picture is pretty funny! Read the caption and then look at the picture and you'll see this guy is not getting the point! I'm sure drag racing can be a dangerous hobby.

Blown Unit Monster!

"Art Houston's blown 40-inch Triumph. Art picked up almost 10 mph and bettered his e.t. by over .3 seconds. Bike has since been revised with a chain drive and larger carburetor." (1967 Cycle Guide)

Mickey Hall's Pre-unit Drag Bike

I think I posted an article about this bike before as I remember the girder front end but its a nice looking 1/4 mile rocket! (1967 Cycle Guide)

RM Auction Photo Requests for 09/25/09

Just to let you know, if anybody is interested I'll be at the Peterson Automotive Museum tomorrow afternoon with my main mission to snap as many detailed photos as I can of the Ed Roth Mega Cycle. I will be posting a couple and the rest will go to Show & Go (see link above) so Paul can continue his feature on the Mega Cycle. I already have a small list of Show Rods / Customs friends want pictures of but if you're out of state or the country and can't attend but still would like me to photograph a specific car or trike, or a specific aspect of the vehicle, like motor, interior, etc. then please go through the attached link and either post a comment here with the Lot number and shots you want or you can email me and I'll try to accomodate your requests. I will then include all these pictures over a few days either this weekend or early next week. Here's the link: . I can take requests up till Friday 09/25/09 at 12:00 noon at Pacific Time and then I'm going to make my final list and head up to Los Angeles!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bob Boyle Santa Cruz Sticker

I think this sticker is from the late 80s depicting what appears to be a Triumph motorcycle or another British variety.

The Angry Breed - 1968

I can't say I've seen this film either but it appears there may be some groovy custom bike footage according the the poster!

The Ribbed Fender is Back!

I picked up my fender tonight from Harpoon and I will have to say I am very impressed. I think I originally told him I was looking for pearl white only on the fender and that the tank would have pearl white with candy pink and green. Needless to say he was able to translate this scheme onto the fender. The pink cobbwebbing looks great and I was told he used 40 year old vintage laquer. The striping cleans everything up nicely. Looking at those p-pad holes it would appear the pillion is going to be gianormous but the long white leather Bates pad should fit nicely. If you're wondering what the two holes are for well they will be rubber grommeted and the wiring will run in and under the fender and then up to the lights on the sissybar. The tank is to come in about a months time and I'll post pictures of that as soon as it arrives and after it gets cartooned and lettered. (For paint schemes, color options, pricing, and scheduling contact John "the Harpoon" through the FMA blogsite-see link above)

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