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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RM Auction Photo Requests for 09/25/09

Just to let you know, if anybody is interested I'll be at the Peterson Automotive Museum tomorrow afternoon with my main mission to snap as many detailed photos as I can of the Ed Roth Mega Cycle. I will be posting a couple and the rest will go to Show & Go (see link above) so Paul can continue his feature on the Mega Cycle. I already have a small list of Show Rods / Customs friends want pictures of but if you're out of state or the country and can't attend but still would like me to photograph a specific car or trike, or a specific aspect of the vehicle, like motor, interior, etc. then please go through the attached link and either post a comment here with the Lot number and shots you want or you can email me and I'll try to accomodate your requests. I will then include all these pictures over a few days either this weekend or early next week. Here's the link: . I can take requests up till Friday 09/25/09 at 12:00 noon at Pacific Time and then I'm going to make my final list and head up to Los Angeles!

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