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Monday, September 21, 2009

1967 - Captain Pepi's Motorcycle & Zeppelin Repair (Ed Roth Megacycle)

Thanks to Rene of Australia for sending the finished Mega Cycle picture from HAMB and Paul at Show & Go for keeping up with this bike. I'm going to call the Petersen Museum tomorrow to see if the cycle as well as the other cars on auction are available for viewing with purchase of a museum admission ticket. I was reading on the auction website that a preview is happening on Friday 09/25/09 from like 9:00AM - 6:00PM but I'm unaware if the non-bidder is allowed to peek in at the offerings. If so, this is probably the one and only opportunity we will have to see this bike, a bike which is quite possibly the Larry Howard Glittercycle's fraternal twin, separated at birth.

(UPDATE 09/22/09 - I was reading on the auction website and called Petersen for the SECOND time and it was CONFIRMED a preview is happening on Friday 09/25/09 from 9:00AM - 6:00PM and the cars / memorabilia can be seen for the price of admission, $10.00 on Friday only ($8.00 to park), and on Saturday, same hours as Friday, but you have to purchase the catalog for $80.00 which comes with two admission tickets for Saturday viewing and/or auction participation. Auction location: Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036)

“(Fritz) Scheneck also tackled the restoration of its motorcycle, the famed and award winning custom Triumph built by Bob Aquistapase of Hollister, CA in the 1960s for Ed Roth, after he was inspired by a Revell Model. The custom chopper is painted Fire Red and has a modified rigid frame with an integrated fuel tank.” RM Auctions

This is most likely the Revell model of inspiration, the 1/25 scale Triumph Motorcycle, which has an uncanny resemblance to the Larry Howard Glittercycle.

See how the model above is almost an exact replica of the Glittercycle to the "T" yet the model has a gigantic 21" looking rear wheel and a front motormount to frame stay.

Color shade, frame molding around seat and fender connection, La Selle tank molding, and triple down tube striping on the Mega Cycle perfectly mirrors the Glittercycle. Separated at birth; it would seem a highly probable conclusion?


Chris K said...

They might be BS'ing you. call the Museum. I went to the Brucker/Von Dutch/Roth RM auction at the Peterson and was able to check out all the auction stuff the day before for just the cost of admission. I did end up buying the $60 catalog because it had so much cool stuff(it was also good for 2 seats on auction day). I didn't go, because I saw everything without the auction day crowds.

Did you see my comments about the hauler/bike combo during it's brief junkyard stay, on the Show and Go blog?

Stretch said...

Chris - I remember checking out all of the Brucker stuff before Auction and you are right you could view it for the price of general admission. I'll put another call into the museum as the girl I spoke with from the museum was pretty clueless and the lady I called from RM Auctions was adament that you had to pay the $80 for to view the cars. It is interesting however that it says the viewing is only on Friday and Saturday whereas the Brucker stuff was on display for at least a week or two to the best of my recollection.

I read your comments on Show and Go. Very interesting stuff1

Stretch said...

Ok, I called Petersen again and the cashier told me you had to pay $80.00 for the catalog to view the cars on Friday but that you could attend the auction and see the cars for the price of general admission on Saturday. That doesn't make any sense because the last Brucker RM Auction required you to have a catalog to enter. I still plan on going Friday and if I have to pay $80 and get the book so be it. I've got to snap some pictures of the Mega Cycle or I'll be megabummed.

Chris K said...

The info they gave you is mega confusing.

$80!, that's mega commitment.

Stretch said...

Chris - The final word is Friday is $10.00 for general admission and you get to view the cars from 9am - 6pm and Satruday requires the purchase of an $80 catalog which allows you admittance to the auction with two tickets.

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