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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early 70s Von Sol Custom Paint T-shirt

Sometimes I wonder why I get up early on Saturdays to head out to the local swapmeet by 6:30 AM. Usually there is much to be found except for a few records but I was digging through a box and pulled out this gem. Unfortunately there are faint signatures, as the owner must have used it as a grade school signature t-shirt, but the Von Sol Custom Paint graphic is awesome. I honestly don't know who Von Sol is but I would date this as a pre-1974 t-shirt.


mindpill said...

hey stretch, is that shirt for sale?

Unknown said...
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Stretch said...

I'm going to throw it up on Ebay but unfortunately its going to be pretty expenive.

Unknown said...

Hey, Stretch – that may have been out of Bill Carter's custom paint shop. The era is right on and Bill was doing some pretty wild dragster and custom paint in those years. Just a guess, but it looks like you really have something there!

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