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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hi Ho Chromeo Trumpet!

I'm sure this is way more information than anyone cares to know on this bike but thought I'd post two articles, one from 1969 and another from the early 70s. (1969 article from Cycle Guide and early 70s article from Chopper related mag)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hells Angels on Wheels German Lobby Cards

Cool German HA lobby cards from Ebay!

On Any Sunday German Lobby Cards

Here are some killer original German lobby cards from "On Any Sunday" from Ebay auctions!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Superco's S&S 50th Build-Off Bike

I didn't even know about this whole deal before a friend told me today but I thought this collaboration between Trevelen and Scott Craig looks pretty nice. Great molding on the frame and paint and the extended springer looks the part as well. Check out for the details! (all pictures come from the S&S web address listed!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rebel Rousers Swingarm Triumph Has Its BSA Rival

This one's for TriumphPete! Who says rigids are the only way to ride? This BSA is amazing and reminds me so much of Bruce Dern's swingarm trumpet in Rebel Rousers. Those crazy giraffe looking bars and that perfect candy blue frame with offset blue tank really make this machine stand out; not to mention all the chrome! The drilled brake on the page three (3) is a mistake and belongs to the Kepaloa drag triumph from an earlier post. (article from an early 70s Chopper related mag)

Dished Wassell Tank

All I can say is this is a pretty wild little peanut tank with crazy dished sides and gnarly paint! (from an early 70s Chopper related magazine)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dual Jap Speedway Bike

This sidecar racer is insane with not one but two Jap Motors and a killer Harley JD front end. Very cool set-up indeed! (from a 1999 Classic Bike Mag)

Insane Avon 3 x 21 Tire

Does anyone know the scoop on this Avon tire? It reminds me of an Avon "Speed" that I saw once on Ebay but regardless of its rarity this tire looks super rad with the huge Avon script and looks perfect for going flat out on the salt! (photo from a 1999 Classic Bike mag)

Ok, thanks to Jason this tire is an Avon 50s/60s Salt Flat Racing tire and the two photos above came from AAOK's auction where this buy-it-now price is $1250. Yikes. Very awesome tire with cool tread pattern nonetheless!!!

Nice Pre-unit Rigid

Check out the cool intake that adapts two carbs to a non-bonne head! Very trick race stuff. This bike also has a nice stance as well! (from a 1961 Cycle Magazine)

Sideways - Sliding Through Life

This is one of the best flat track photos I've ever seen before. A great action shot for sure! (from a 60s Cycle Mag)

Too Much FUNKY Business?

This pan is a little too goofy for my taste but the wideglide frontend with pullback bars is winning me over! (from an early 70s Chopper related mag)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Stompers!

Here's a cool still from the Glory Stompers with a nice view of the club vests. Notice Dennis Hopper pulling in on his knuckle! (from an Ebay auction)

Forward Controlled Pre-unit Rigid

One of the beefs alot of guys have about the old pre-unit rigids is that they're too short and cramped but this dude has a nice and sanitary forward control set-up. (from an early 70s Chopper related magazine)

Long and High Triumph

Its too bad the photos aren't better but those sky high pipes are insane as well as the twisty sissybar and it also appears this guy has the rare pre-unit finned timing cover! (from an early 70s Big Bike Magazine)

Ok, here's the scoop from Stefan, this bike was a Swedish build by a guy named Torsten Fritz and the above version was the early 1960s.

This long rigid version was finished in 1968 per Stefan and both versions are insane! (Thanks a million to Stefan Olsson for the two photos above and history!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Bobbed Knuckle

Check out this early killer photography of a bobbed knucklehead out in the country! This one came as a gift from Gabe! Thanks a millon Gabe!

Davie Allan & The Arrows Glory Stomper's Japanese 7 Inch

What a cool Japanese single and sleeve from the Glory Stompers movie currently on Ebay and its a great song too!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1962 Bell Helmet (Distributed by Bates)

This helmet is pretty insane. I was just looking around on Ebay and wow, this has got to be the oldest 3/4 style Bell Helmet I've ever seen! What's even cooler is the early 60s Bates waterslide decal on the back. Plus, check out the double staps with leather underneath, probably for comfort, and nylon on top for added security! I'm sure this one will go for well over $500 and is a likely candidate for the Garage Company display case!

Gunkit Shovelhead - Straight Outta Compton!

I forgot to reread the article before this post but I believe Gunkit was the name of this dude's nightclub or bar and he painted it on the tank to advertise. Anyhow, what a nice setup here with generator shovel motor, clean molding, and just enough rake to give the bike nice lines. The ignition key location is pretty interesting as well. (from a photocopy of a 1968 Roth Choppers Magazine article)

Knuckle 4 Street N' Strip!

This knucklehead custom is great, especially with that sporty front end, chrome tank, and wildly bent sissybar. (this is a photo of a copy printed from Hot Rod Bikeworks webpage a couple of years back so unfortunately the minute details don't come through as well but this bike is amazing, take my work for it!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bruce Dern's Trumpet in "Rebel Rousers"

I've watched Rebel Rousers over and over to get a good feel for Bruce Dern's awesome swingarm pre-unit but couldn't really get a decent picture until I found this photo still on Ebay. Unfortuantely the movie still shows the bike inverted, with the timing cover on the left side so I flipped it on the computer so you can see how the photo was really meant to go! If you haven't guessed by now, I love this bike!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Triumph in 1960

I wonder if the rider graduated from Triumph "T" University with a degree in scramblin'? That bike almost looks like a tiger cub which would be a killer little bike to putt around town on. (cool old dealer brochure on Ebay)

Sporty Drag Circa 1968

Nice sportster drag bike on the cover of a 1968 Modern Cycle Magazine on Ebay. That small little aluminum fender strip doesn't look as if it would be too protective but I'm sure its super light!

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