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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running Wild in the Streets

Classic Custom

Gabe, is that you?

John Edward's 1959 Harley "California Custom" Panhead

Right off the pages of a late 50's - early 60's Cycle Magazine or Car Craft Show Issue comes John Edward's 1959 custom Panhead. Above are pictures of some of the best Harleys showcased from that era and you can see the certain classic elements John used for this build. It's evident too that this Panhead gives a nod to Henry Fonda's "Dragon Bike" from the Wild Angels in 1966. Check out the pictures on BORN LOSER and MC Art to see for yourself. Well done Mr. Edwards!

1962 Pre-unit

Kid Cycle

The Alphabet Man Revisited / Alphabet Header Pipes

I was doing a random search the other day on Joe Alphabet and came across these Alphabet header pipes from a post on the Jockey Journal and then found this set for sale on the Cycle Exchange. Anyhow, they're supposedly for a Shovelhead motor, I'm guessing cone, and they were produced either late 70's or early 80's. They definitely have a great drag bike look so if you're interested the pair is for sale at the Cycle Exchange about half way down on the Harley page. For pictures on Joe Alphabet, the man behind these pipes, check out Nostalgia's first post on the Alphabet Man!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Falcon Motorcycles - Vincent

Again I'm behind the times as everyone but me has probably seen this bike. The level of fabrication and craftsmanship is just mind-boggling, genius. WOW! Check out Falcon Motorcycles!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stance of Perfection

Ok, well maybe it dips a little in the front but I've been very partial to the stance of this pre-unit drag bike ever since I laid eyes on this '58 Cycle cover shot! (It sure would be cool to see a pair of lightweight terrier/cub or bsa bantam forks on a pre-unit drag bike or show bike.)

Inspiration & Creativity

The more I look at this bike the better it gets; simply amazing!

Daytona '48

Cool Born Free 3 Photos

I was just searching through a bunch of Born Free 3 photos and these three were extra cool. The first of Drew's Solitary Confinement Pre-unit comes from 6Shooter and the second two, one of Max's VL Pan, and the other of Jeff's Knucklehead's paint comes from flickr. John Edward's pink pearl panhead looks super cool as well but I only saw pics of the cam side and not the primary side. Looked like a great show. (For a cool story on the wild paint job and molding done on Jeff's Knucklehead check out Harpoon's post on the Violet Fantasy!)

1971 Cycle-Rama Show Panhead Photo

1959 Decal & 1961 Big Bear Run Triumph Photos

Decal courtesy of Dennis!

Jason Weber's Knuckle

I've been checking out the Born Free 3 pictures posted various places online and this is one of the bikes that really stood out to me, Jason Weber's knucklehead (ATR). I really like the incorporation of the dual Amal carbs (Concentrics?), the triplet of DH-49 Guide Lights up front, and that sissybar with mini reflectors/lights stacked in back. Its a great no-frills machine. (First picture comes from the Jockey Journal and the second from Chris' Motorcycle Art blog, see link above for more great pics on his site, and the third was posted by George on the Cycle Zombies blogsite!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


FOR SALE - Late 70's / Early 80's Mexican Cut-Off ChopShirts

Up for sale are four (4) Mexican Cut-Off ChopShirts as seen in Easyriders Magazine during the late 70's and early 80's.

* Shirt 1 - Upper Left-hand corner: Chest - 23-1/2"; Length - 34"
* Shirt 2 - Upper Right-hand corner: Chest - 21"; Length - 27-3/4" (SOLD)
* Shirt 3 - Lower Left-hand corner: Chest - 22-1/2"; Length - 30" (SOLD)
* Shirt 4 - Lower Right-hand corner: Chest - 23"; Length - 29-1/2" (SOLD)

Shirts are $15.00 EA plus $5.95 for shipping for one (priority mail) and $11.00 for shipping for two (priority mail flat rate) and $13.95 shipping for each shirt for Europe, Japan or rest of the world. If interested contact me at Shirts are a bit dusty and could use a washing as they smell a bit musty from storage.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wild One Spanish & Australian Movie Posters

WWII US Propaganda Posters

Insane 1960's Show Bike Photos @ Dudley's Basement!

Other than the small color photo from the early 60's Car Craft magazine above I had never seen an actual color snapshot of Larry Howard's Glittercycle until today, thanks to Dudley's Basement. Rene of Australia clued me in about this great blogsite and Dudley has some other terrific show bike photos, such as the Brass Beezer, and they're all in color. Check out Dudley's show bike posts SHOW-1, SHOW-2, and SHOW-3 as well as all the other posts on his amazing blog. Thanks Dudley for the history and to Rene for the heads up!

USAF & USN WWII Flight Jackets

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