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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Petcock Search

I'm still looking for a single or pair of 1/8" BSP petcock(s) in a tight 90 and think the ones used on Mike Davis' pre-unit rigid and this old show bike would be preferable for use on my Wassell tank. I have 1/8" BSP male to 1/4" BSP female adaptors and if I could find petcocks with 1/4" BSP threads it would work (has to be a tight 90). If anybody knows where to get a set it would be greatly appreciated or if you have one (or set) you'd be willing to sell it would be awesome! Thanks alot! (Thanks to Damon for heads up about the Ewarts petcocks)


ThickMick said...

Maybe these? They fit on my Wass and its tight down there.

Good luck!

guinessplease said...

Keep checking "Ewarts" on ebay. I just found 2 like that for my triumph with wassell peanut tank. Even if they're worn out, you can get those rebuild kits with orings instead of cork. Good luck with the search. check ebay UK also.

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