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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Rene of Australia just turned me on to this cool blog site with great Pre-unit Triumph Drag / Salt Racing photos.  Check it out HERE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SALBA @ Pipeline / Badlands from Santa Cruz Streets on Fire

I love the way SALBA skates and this classic footage is probably from 1987 at the Upland Pipeline. Salba seems to be quite the the guitar player as well as the second song featured here is from his band "Screaming Lord Salba" with Steve on guitar (I think he sang as well)! Great video clip though!  (The original long sleeve Badlands t-shirt sold last week on Ebay.  Pretty cool!!!)  Also check out SALBALAND!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


  Christian Hosoi has been a childhood hero of mine ever since I can remember seeing him the pages of Thrasher Magazine in the mid to late 1980's. I was never a good skater myself but had fun doing the most basic of tricks and my first board was a Santa Cruz Hosoi Hammerhead Street Model which I dearly loved. Hosoi was always amazing to watch as he would float effortlessly with grace and style with amazing airs; judo, Christ, rocket, backside, you name it, he could pull it off with ease. The opening sequence and ending ramp sequence with him riding with Rob Roskopp and Claus Grabke in "Wheels on Fire" was a favorite as well as jump ramp acrobats at Venice Beach. His rise to meteoric stardom as a skateboarding legend was truely amazing but then it was extremely disheartening to watch his life get destroyed but drugs in the late 1990's. Then he went to jail after he was caught trafficking Meth in 2000. For most people jail would have been he end but got his hands on a Bible through the request of girlfriend and shortly thereafter gave his life to Christ. For a glimpse of his transformation watch "I Am Second" above!

 While checking good old Facebook last week I came across a post from a friend of mine that Christian had a new book out, a life memoir, that was released on 06/12/12 and he was having a Q&A Session about the book at the Sanctuary Church in Westminster, CA, where he's an ordained Associate Pastor. I ordered the book on Amazon and finished it up before the Session and have to admit it was a great read as his live is an inspirational story of Redemption. I'll have to admit hearing Christian speak was very motivating and getting the chance to meet him and having the book signed was an extremely humbling experience.

 Hosoi is having another book signing next Wednesday 06/27/12 at the Barnes and Noble at 7881 Edinger Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA at 7 PM. If anyone wants a signed copy of the book I'd be happy to purchase one and get it signed for you and mail it out. I will only charge actual shipping. You'd be looking at $29.08 for the book (including sales tax) plus $5.00 to ship it in the US and $15.00 internationally. Grand total would be $34.08 in the US and $44.08 International if I can get it for less I will refund you the difference. If interested you can email me at by Wednesday 06/27/12 at noon Pacific Standard Time and I'd be happy to have Christian sign a book for you and I'll mail it out right away!

Check out the OC Register ARTICLE and the Hosoi interview at the INDIE SPIRITUALIST as both are great.  For those who haven't already seen Christian's 2006 Documentary entitled "Rising Son" and you're a Netflix Streaming Subscriber, you can do so HERE; you won't be disappointed as its an awesome movie!

Also check out HOSOI SKATEBOARDS as Christian recently restarted the company and he has old and new school Hammerhead decks, t-shirts, and stickers along with some great photos and all the latest updates with his skateboarding and ministry.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Custom Star Wars Van - 1977

With the Hive in mind. Picture was taken at a Whittier antique mall.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Old Triumph Tools

SOLD - Vintage NOS 1950's 1960's STP Hot Rod Motorcycle Hanes T-shirt Drag Race Large

Up for sale is a RARE and original NOS (unworn) vintage STP all-over screen printed hot rod / motorcycle / drag racing / bonneville t-shirt, 100% cotton with Hanes tag.  This shirt is a size Large and is in MINT condition with only a few very faint light yellow storage stains.  There are no rips and no tears on this t-shirt.  You won't find a nicer STP all-over vintage t-shirt!!!

Measurements are as follows:
1) Chest (underam to underarm) - 20"
2) Overall length (top of collar to waist hem) - 31"
3) Inner sleeve (undearm to tip of sleeve cuff) - 5"
4) Outer sleeve (shoulder seam to tip of sleeve cuff) - 6-1/2"

Will ship worldwide!  Please contact Stretch at if interested!  (SOLD)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

7,000 Miles on a Pre-unit Triumph

1960's "Chicago Angels" MC Gang / Club Levis "E" Vest on Ebay

Check out this cool vest up on Ebay right now HERE!

Mark Drews' 1939 HD "Night Owl" Flathead Street Chopper Feature

Here's another amazing creation by Mark Drews which graced the pages of the May 2012 issue of Street Chopper Magazine.  The hand-polished framed and scooped tanks with '59 Impalaesque scooped wassell fender help make this beauty stand out in the crowd.  Check out the article and photos HERE!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have dealt with Snappy before and would have to admit he finds and sells some of the best vintage clothing around; especially in the motorcycle and hot rod category.  Above you will see a cut-off jacket/vest, shirts, t-shirts, and jackets he sold within the last couple of weeks.  Check out his Ebay listings, both Competed and Current as he always has some amazing items up for sale!

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