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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Street Chopper Feature

I picked up the lastest issue of Street Chopper Magazine last weekend and its got a very cool cover/feature article on Mark Drews' incredible pre-unit show bike, "Solitary Confinement." I'll post the online article when its available but I really urge everyone reading this to pick up a copy of the magazine. Mark's craftsmanship skills are truly amazing (especially with a 4 month build time) down to the handcarved lucite covers, tank cover (with hidden gas tank and expanded metal craziness), and motor mounts; but aside from that insanity the bike has extremely narrow lines and superb frontend appeal. If you compare Mark's scooter to Vern's at right you'll notice how Mark uses a tinier spool hub and skinnier wheel to achieve the bicycle/sulky wheel look. All hats go off to Mark Drews for a job well done!

Monday, May 23, 2011

3:15 - The Moment of Truth - 1986

I had never seen the movie 3:15 from 1986 until last weekend when I watched it on Netflix. Its a pretty cool 80's teen gang movie starring one of the guys from Boulevard Nights, Deborah Foreman from Valley Girl, Adam Baldwin, and John Doe of X, who has a brief cameo appearance. If you're interested its not on DVD, only VHS, but if you've got netflix its available on streaming HERE. Enjoy!

1937 Chevy

I spotted this '37 Chevy, most likely a Master Deluxe, while driving in Riverside last weekend.

V-Twin Thunder - 1984

Armond E. Bletcher

Picture comes from a 1976 Easyrider magazine.

Friday, May 20, 2011

WWII USAF Officer Shoes with Goodyear Heels

I picked up these shoes last weekend and thought the Goodyear Tire Co. heels were pretty cool. I've seen full Goodyear soles on some of the old Paratropper type army boots from a similar era and the winged insignia is the same.

Salty Suzuki

Picture comes from a late 60's Ed Radlauer kid's book.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roth Airbrushed Sweatshirt

At the Drags!

1950's Pre-unit Show & Go Stopper!

Minus the name, this little pre-unit drag bike with small fork fairing / windshield looks amazing!

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