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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Street Chopper Feature

I picked up the lastest issue of Street Chopper Magazine last weekend and its got a very cool cover/feature article on Mark Drews' incredible pre-unit show bike, "Solitary Confinement." I'll post the online article when its available but I really urge everyone reading this to pick up a copy of the magazine. Mark's craftsmanship skills are truly amazing (especially with a 4 month build time) down to the handcarved lucite covers, tank cover (with hidden gas tank and expanded metal craziness), and motor mounts; but aside from that insanity the bike has extremely narrow lines and superb frontend appeal. If you compare Mark's scooter to Vern's at right you'll notice how Mark uses a tinier spool hub and skinnier wheel to achieve the bicycle/sulky wheel look. All hats go off to Mark Drews for a job well done!

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