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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Late 60s Biker Photo Book - Outlaws MC

I haven't received my copy yet but from what I understand this book has at least 75 photos of the Detroit Outlaws Motorcycle Club from the 60s and should be a good one, similar to Danny Lyon's "The Bikeriders". From the looks of the cover shot its got to be worth the $29.95. Here's the link for those interested in picking up a copy:

This guy's swingarm triumph shown in both the group photo and the riding shot above is my favorite bike in the book. That sissybar is amazing as well as the molded tank which makes for a very sweet machine!


Scotty said...

good to c u posting like a wild man again.
Always the best pics of cool bikes.

Stretch said...

Yeah its posting like crazy or nothing at all (hot and cold). I'm sure to run out of material sometime soon though. If anyone gets inspiration out if it its worth it too me. Thanks Rat Zombie, Stretch!

Stretch said...

Oh man, my punctuation is horrible tonight, how sad!

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