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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Borrani WM-0 x 21 40 Hole Alloy Rim Laced to Triumph Tiger Cub Hub

After at least a year of lying dormant under my bed I finally got this Borrani polished, laced up and ready to run with fresh Speedmaster skins. I'm hoping the Tiger Cub brake will be somewhat more forgiving than the typical spool hub but have been told it doesn't stop very well; at least it should be better than no brake at all. Spokes are polished stainless steel. (I was out cleaning off the adhesive the m/c shop slathered all over the wheel (such a shame) and decided to take a few pictures while the sun was still shining!)


Unknown said...

I love the look of using a cub drum front, do you have to use a cub front fork to bolt the brake to the fork ? how does this work ?

adamlnickel a t yahoo dot com

Stretch said...

I'm not running a cub fork though the early ones are awesome because they're about an 1 inch shorter than the pre-unit forks and are narrower as well.

Any good machine shop should be able to make an axle and spacers that will coincide with the front end you're using and the fact that this hub is only 4" wide it should fit between almost any front end!

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