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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catalina Grand Prix 50 Year Reunion Show

I was really looking forward to attending the bike show this weekend in Catalina as there were supposed to be 200 vintage race bikes, however only a mere 10 bikes will make it to the island. I'm going to go anyway with my Dad as we planned the trip but I'm disappointed. Don't worry though as I'll take photos of anything vintage race related but it seems like a waste of a trip now. Since I won't be back until Sunday evening, you can check for updates then. Have a great weekend! (I believe the photo at the bottom portion of this magazine cover shows an old Catalina race! I'm wrong of course and was told both photos are from Willow!)


mogmechanic said...

Both pictures look to be Willow Springs. My dad raced there in the 50s and 60s.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just got back from Catalina, and the Grand Prix is on again after a 50+ year hiatus (unless you count the legendary AMA drinking events that took place there in the 70's). I have no more info about what classes are going to run, or what course will be used, but it will be run by District 37 of the AMA in early December of this year. I will post more info as I dig it up, but I want to get the word out ASAP. The mayor is quoted as saying "this is a one time permit, but if the event proves a boon to Catalina in the off season it could become a recurring event"

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