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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

John Edward's Mindblowing Panhead!

I heard that John Edwards was about to unveil a 60s show bike so gnarly and so perfect that it would literally blow your mind. Well here it is, and though I've not seen it in person, these beautifully artistic photos, including about five other detailed shots, are available for your viewing pleasure on Mike Davis' blogsite . Please check out the photos as this bike is a true gem!

Edwards' pan is crazy, wild, and yet not overdone! The assortment of rare parts on this cycle is staggering and still everything flows together so nicely. Like in the old Gary Littlejohn article, I'd have to say this bike is also a true "Customizer's Custom."

Edwards' pan in its original glory from a Sinner's get-together a couple years back.(photo from Jockey Journal)

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