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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1960s Bates Leather Racing Shirt (Padded)

The first indication of a Bates jacket is the "slash" front pockets. Even without a tag, you can typically tell a Bates jacket by its characteristic "slash" breast pockets.

The western cut back is also a very good indication that you have a genuine Bates jacket. You can find Bates jackets without the western cut stitching but most of the jackets have this characteristic design. The two tone Harley colors and "Easy Rider" sleeve striping make this jacket extra rad, in addition to the padding. Scotty Stopnik of Cycle Zombies found this gem!

The Bates racing flag tag with Bates script is an indication that your jacket is from the 1960s. Earlier Bates tags have a motorcycle with the Bates logo (50s - early 60s I'm guessing) whereas early to mid 70s Bates tags have block letters and smaller racing flags. 44 indicates the chest size and the 'M' designates the length of the jacket, with 'M' denoting Medium.

Talon, Seval, and Conmar zippers are typically used on Bates jackets. Typically if you see a small Talon zipper you can nail the jacket as from the 60s or earlier. Later talons are longer and taper from small to large and are about twice as long as the pulls shown here.

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gr fitton said...

i have a bates leathers motorcycle jacket, brown, appears to be an "off the rack" size '38'. it has 2 straight top pocket zippers, 2 slanted side pocket zippers. all talon zippers. can you tell me more about this jacket? ............glen
enjoyed your website

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