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Monday, December 15, 2008

Mike Davis' 1954 Pre-unit Rigid Show Bike

This cycle is pretty amazing. Not only is this 1954 6T a one-year only distributor model (I stand corrected) with the long primary, but the finned timing cover is 100% genuine, not one of those CNC'd or cast repops going around (type in "Triumph Finned Timing Cover" in the search box and you'll see the same timing cover used on the bike with a Tiger on the tank). The Superior kickstand, contuoured drag seat, Flanders U-shaped risers, and WM0 Akront with 2.75 x 21 Avon Speedmaster tire are among the many notible parts; not to mention the John Edward's painted Wassell tank and chromed Amal carb (apparently head and barrels have been nickel plated)! This is definitely one of the nicest pre-units around! Its for sale too and my best guess is somewhere in the 15K range???. For more info and highly detailed photos please check out the owner's posting at (pictures by Allen Hayden from link posted on Jockey Journal) To see a later post with a link to the Street Chopper feature article on this machine click HERE!


Mike Davis said...

Ryan,thanks for posting the bike.

Stretch said...

Mike - You're welcome and hope you get top dollar for it!

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