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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knuckle Streamliner Cameleon Picture

I've only seen this knuckle pictured in blue before and of course black and white in old photos. Thats one bummer about colorized pictures as sometimes they get the scheme wrong. Regardless of that minor detail I've always admired the Art Deco of this bike! (partial front cover shot of the 1955 Motorcycle Book)

Here's a great b&w picture of the streamliner from the HD Heros book!


Chris K said...

I have several pictures of the Petrali Streamliner in blue and once saw it aboard the Harley traveling museum in blue also. Last time I saw it online, was a photo I believe from the new H-D museum and it was yellow!

Stretch said...

I'm not sure what the original color was now or maybe it was painted two colors in its life. Thanks for the info!

drsprocket said...

I did an in depth story on Joe Petrali a few years back, he lived just a few blocks from me and his family still lives here in Sacto. It's supposed to be in the AMCA mag soon. That machine was stripped down an raced on the salt flats by Stan Dishong, blown up and remotored with a Pan in the early 50's. It was yellow and blue both in it's life. Later it was chrome and polisn. Look at early 50's Cycle mag for salt coverage.

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