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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bates in 1954!

Here's a selection of items from the 1954 Bates Catalog I picked up on Ebay. I was surprised as there were about four (4) pages alone for just windshields. The p-pad selection is pretty cool and there were about nine (9) different solo seats but I opted to just picture the narrow varieties! Check out the scripted "m" which must be a designation for motorcycle / motorbike. Enjoy!

Bates "m" solo seat logo courtesy of Epinut!


epinut said...

Thanks for posting these scans, very interesting! I actually thought that the "bike logo" didn't appear until the late 50's but there it is... And the seats had an embossed logo, wonder how long they kept that placement?

Been trying to figure out a way to date the seats & seeing pics like this helps a lot! A while ago some guy posted scans on the JJ board from the -62 catalog.

Stretch said...

I personally do not know how to date bates seats or pillions. I have never seen the little "m" logo before and I'm assuming that came before just the bike and bates logo. If you could find a link to the scans of the 1962 catalog I would love to post them. Other than any other brand of accessories Bates is my favorite!

Chris K said...

The M in the logo goes with the F and G and stands for Manufacturing. Like it says on the cover of the 1954 catalog, Bates Mfg. Co.

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