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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dave of San Diego's Crazy Pan & Sporty!!!

Dave just purchased a Bates jacket from me on Ebay and in our quick conversation he sent me pictures of his two Harleys in progress and I have to say I'm drooling. Check out the ribbed peanut tank with cool Jedwardseque mini top mounts and original Harley badges. He's sporting a very nice Stingray style sissy bar and look at the Lee/Bates foot clutch!!! That slender Sporty is going to be very cool as well! Dave, thanks for the kind words about the blog and my Pre-unit as they are genuinely appreciated! If any of these pictures or articles serve to inspire a custom builder or vintage chopper nut out there then Nostalgia has served its purpose! Stretch

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Geoff said...

Hi there man, I've certainly subscribed to this blog, thats for sure. And if I didn't have a stupid, but beautiful car to restore I'd certainly building a bike, and a bike inspired by this blog and the pictures you post up every so often. So yes I am very much inspired, and when that Itallian bugger in my front yard is done, I will certainly use these pics to build something mad.
To dave and his two bikes, they are very cool, I like how it looks like they're being built in the living room. :D

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