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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Filmfax Magazine - June/July 1991 - Issue No. 27

I had no idea at first notice but after reading the article I was informed that Russ Tamblyn, pictured here on the unit trumpet with dished tank I might add, played Riff in the West Side Story. I learned something!

Russ Tamblyn as Jet's gang leader Riff in West Side Story at far right with tan jacket and blue t-shirt!

Here's a nice shot of bikes from the Wild Angels.

A nice riding shot from the Wild Angels. Though the pictures in this magazine are small there are many photos of old biker movie stills and a pretty comprehensive article on most of the noteworthy biker movies. The only downside is the guy gives away the storyline for each movie so if you haven't seen one of them the synopsis kind of kills it for you.

Arriving at the graveyard in the Wild Angels.

The Black Souls surrounding a Stomper in the Glory Stompers.

Here's a nice generator shovel from the Savage Seven. I'd have to say this magazine has some cool articles in it. There is another one that reviews about four - five old Davie Allan fuzz and psychadelic m/c movie soundtracks. I picked this copy up on Ebay for $3.50 and you can find one in that range if interested!


Irish Rich said...

Yeah, and Russ Tamblyn's brother Larry was the organist for The Standells.

Stretch said...

Very cool as I had no idea! Thanks for the info!

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