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Monday, April 24, 2017

First Version of the 2nd Knott's Steak House Brochure with Indian Maiden - 1951

 Above is the cover of the first version of the Indian Maiden Steak House brochure.  Cover art by Paul Von Klieben.

The above original design shows the actual layout of the 1951 Steak House brochure with Indian Maiden art by Paul Von Klieben.  I'd love to see the original painting from this brochure as it is by far my favorite of all the Von Klieben Indian paintings.  (Photos above and below are courtesy of the OC Archives)

The Garden room circa 1952 (picture courtesy of OC Archives)

 Indian Maiden brochures displayed in the Garden Room likely circa 1952.  (photo courtesy of OC Archives)

Garden outside Steak House Garden Room circa 1952 (photo courtesy of OC Archives)

Rose Garden outside Garden Room of the Steak House circa the mid 1960's.  (photo courtesy of OC Archives)

Slightly modified Steak House brochure design circa 1964 (scan courtesy of OC Archives)

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