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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vise-Clothing Blogspot (Great Detailed Photos!)

I was talking with Richard today and he clued me into this Vise-Clothing blogsite and man am I impressed. The author takes the most detailed shots and I was stoked to see two "Slow Poke" pics on there as well. The first photo here shows Mason's pan with all the raddest parts and he's got the best, rarest, little shifter (but you'll have to go to Vise to see that shot). Secondly, I really dug the angle on the next shot with Drew's pipes and Harpoon's sissybar with Davis' pan and its polished Imperial cover at right. Thirdly, the Chopperville Custom Cycles drag Pre-unit with reversed head is looking tasty (Better Off Dead reference). Fourthly, is a cool shot of Scotty aboard "Snake Piss." For more great pictures check out the Vise-Clothing blog here and I'm going to add the link to the above list!


Adam Nickel said...

Im bummed that I somehow missed seeing your bike at Born Free, way too much to take in that day.

Unknown said...

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