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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Late 1960's Red Wing Boots

I posted these boots before as you might remember and originally I thought they were 1950's vintage. They have since sold but if you look at the Red Wing tag and notice there is no "Made In USA" verbiage the tag alone dates to the late 60's. The box also appears to be of 1960's vintage but you may notice the box is for the Irish Setter model and these boots aren't Setters. A couple of cool points about these boots are the silver grommets, the unique dark red color, and the hunting plaid lining which I've never seen before. The original hemp type natural laces are cool as well. Again, I can't make much sense out of the number codes on the tongue. These boots were purchased by a Japanese collector.

1 comment:

Guy@GK said...

Wow! Those are amazing.

I've been an obsessive wearer of Red Wings for nearly 30 years and have never thrown a pair out. The vintage boot thing is a whole different ballgame though... I really have to keep my my hoarding/collecting nature in check when I see posts like this.

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