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Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Old Fashion Tennessee Work Wear - Pointer Brand - Made in USA

I wanted to make another post here about Pointer Brand Work Wear as I truly believe in the brand. This is a company who has been making quality work wear since 1913 and I just received a pair of Herringbone / Fisher stripe carpenter jeans which were truly amazing, minus the waist was a bit snug so I'm returning them and going a size up. If you want to support a Made in America Brand and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for some of the other vintage denim reissues out there give Pointer Brand a shot. My personal favorites are carpenter jeans, especially the fisher (herringbone) stripe, the hickory (railroad) stripe, and the rigid indigo (jelt denim) as well as the low back (sling back) overalls which nobody else has been making.

Check out Pointer Brand and you can get 15% off your order with this code: APFAIR

There's also a pretty cool article about the Brand HERE!


Jet City Jughead said...

I like their stuff too but I've stopped buying their pants. The fit really needs to be modernized a little. Some may think that goes against the whole heritage brand thing, but if your pants don't fit well you don't wear them, no matter how traditional they are.

Moribund Garage said...

I have purchased 6 pairs before, but found the denim is not as heavy as I need. I would definitely buy again, but for lighter duty. I have since been buying my work denim from Round House: Carenter style, Double-Knee, heavy duty that take a beating. Keep it made in the U.S.

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