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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pointer Brand Carpenter / Work Jeans - Made in USA Since 1913

I had been looking for a pair of vintage carpenter jeans in either an unwashed indigo or railroad stripe for a while and the Lee Sanforized and Carter's have been pretty hard to find in the right size. I stumbled across Pointer Brand's website and these guys have been making the same work jeans since 1913 and offer an unwashed indigo, railroad hickory stripe, fisher herringbone stripe, and brown duck canvas, as well as a natural wheat painter color. I just ordered a fisher striped pair so if anyone is interested in these type jeans or the old style chore coats you might want to check out Pointer's offerings HERE!


Jet City Jughead said...

I like the fabrics very much, but the fit just isn't right for me on their pants.

Similar story w/ the barn/chore coat, but nothing a trip to the tailor couldn't fix.

Stretch said...

My pair of pants arrive and they were a 32 x 34 and tried them out as I typically wear a 33 x 34 and they were too tight so I'm going to return them for a 34 x 34. The newer pair seems less baggy than the vintage pair which I like but the bagginess may increase with the increase in waist size.

I agree with you about the fabrics as you can't get a Herringbone patter or Hickory stripe in carpenter pants anywhere I've else I've seen. I might end up having to go to the tailor though as my plan is not to wash the pants much to minimize shrinkage and to keep the rigid look or maybe I could dry clean them, but that gets pricey.

Anyhow, if you or anyone else is interested you can use this 15% off code APFAIR on any of your Pointer Brand purchases.

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