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Friday, July 17, 2009

1988 Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso Alice in Wonderland Skateboard Deck

Though not motorcycle related I was looking for a picture of this Grosso deck as I remember it was one of my favorites when skateboarding as a kid in the late '80s. Here's an interesting blurb about it I found online: "Perhaps the most commonly coveted of the Santa Cruz boards is the Jeff Grosso Wonderland, a precursor to the tsunami of copyright-infringing designs that would hit the market in the years to come." Apparently nice original copies have sold for as much as $2,700 and its supposedly one of the 15 most sought after skateboard decks of all time. (Photo from Google images)

I believe this sticker shows the graphic which was screen on the front of the board at the griptape separation point. (Sticker from Ebay)

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