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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late 50's / Early 60's Suspension Football Buckets

Don't get me wrong as I'm not advocating fashion over function here but I've always liked the look of Jack Nicholson's old Easy Rider football helmet as a riding helmet.

Here's a vintage 1961 Colorado Buffaloes Riddell KRA-LITE RK-4 helmet that is beyond amazing. I think the single bar facemasks look the best!

At left is an original JC Higgin's and a repop Colorado Buffaloes 1956 Orange Bowl suspension helmet at right.

Two bar face mask at left and cooler single bar at right. I think the helmets through the early 60s have a better shape from what I've seen.

Ventilation holes at top!

There's the suspension inside. I had to cut some cords to get them to fit but both feel great when on and they are nice and form fitting. Not safe by any means but I would rather run one of these anyday over an old pudding bowl helmet. If nothing else, a nice joke helmet for a quick jog to the gas stop but pray you don't get hit as you wouldn't want to find out why they're called "brain buckets." When it finally comes down to it, function over fashion rules the road and a mid - late 60s Bell Star full face helmet would be my #1 choice if I could find one!

Nice old 50s drag racing helmet with football styling from the NHRA Museum!

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