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Monday, November 2, 2009

Icarus Triumph Unit Drag Bike

I was just sent these pictures by Rene of Australia, as he always finds great stuff he's willing to share, and this time we have Geoff James' supercharged 350 triumph drag bike. Pictures are from picasweb and it appears this machine can fly without wings!


missinglink said...

A supercharged 350 ? That`s crazy! (and cool at the same time.)

andrew said...

It never ceases to amaze me at the things people were able to engineer with limited tools, knowledge and resources. We have alot to learn from all these brilliant people.

Geoff James said...

I was the builder of this bike! I can give the full account of building this bike but in short, its final configuration was using a cut down 500 cc barrel and head, plus a home made short stroke crank to make it a (very) oversquare 350.

It was a very competitive bike and ran close to the world record for the standing start mile. It was also very competitive over the quarter mile.

Geoff James,

New Zealand

Geoff James said...

Forgot to mention that the drag bike is part of my lifelong motorcycle blog:

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