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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Muscle Power BMX!

I don't really know much about Muscle Power BMX as I just picked up this 8 x 10 at the swap today but figure the picture dates from the early 80's. Anybody with info on the company or the riders please feel free to post it on under the comments!


BitMonkey said...

I'm 99% sure the kid in the middle is Adam Rich of "Eight is Enough" fame. I remember seeing him do doughnuts on a KX80 on some 80's talk show but I didn't know he was ever into BMX.

BCM said...

Some promo gig, those are stock out of the box BMX bikes & that other kid is a child actor too, his name escapes me, on purpose i imagine.

? said...

stretchie that is the kid from greatest american hero

Unknown said...

Muscle power used to be a family owned business that supplied delicious shakes at either nba or aba races. Their banana shakes were awesome.

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