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Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Escape Photo Stills - Circa 1963!

Here are a few great shots of Steve McQueen from the Great Escape. The first one pictures him, or rather stunt double Bud Ekins, jumping the barb wire stockade fence. The second shot shows Mcqueen getting sent to cooler after a failed tunneling attempt. The third captures Steve and another POW wheeling along potatoes to be used in making home-made fire water. Mcqueen's sweatshirt and pants are available through the Japanese vintage-era clothing manufacturer, Toys McCoy!


Ogri said...

Y'all probably know this, but Steve took his wife Neile Adams along for the filming of the Great Escape.
He put on his costume, the sweatshirt and chinos and asked her what she thought.
She picked up a pair of scissors and cut off the sweatshirt sleeves at the elbow, "You've got great arms; you should show them off."

Stretch said...

Ogri - I didn't even know that about short sleeved sweatshirt history. Thanks for learning me on that one!

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